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Travel-and-Leisure The advanced natural reservations are the highest form of protection of nature. These reserves presuppose the absolute absence of any material or farming activity, including production of minerals and research, and mass-tourism as well. One can count numerous prominent and famous reserves throughout the world, which are known for natural parks and labs. Nature reserves of the world make a remarkable function for the protection of priceless and rare species of animals. Today there are many of natural reservations, which are out-of-the-way and based in different climatical and natural conditions. The types and kinds of reserves are also many: several of them are known to be the observational sectors than the natural reserves USA, the other are natural greens or even the areas of mass resting. Besides they differ in location, age, purpose etc. For example many natural reserves protect kinds of animals, some protect rare trees and plants. The current net of reserves grows perpetually. Its to be said that in order to organize a different reserve many affairs should be taken into account, related with the nature protection. Its difficult and long work. One has to control and admonisher everything, earlier than producing a conclusion about establishing a natural reserve. And the reason is that it has been gone trough during a very long period and any misunderstanding can wrong and frustrate the whole thing. The history of natural reserves in many areas often links with the hunting. First natural reservations were made in order to save the special valuable and rare kinds of birds and animals. At the same time the important goal of natural reservations is to protectsave nature .plexes (ecosystems). There .es along now the question about the world function of nature reservations of the all Earth bio-sphere. And the causes of creating natural reserves differ now the definite economic factors have been modified with more essential goals, e.g attention about biologic resources of the pla.. In addition, a well-.anized national parks canada are the proud of the nation, it owns own role among cultural and historic values of the country and this meaning will only grow in time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: