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Healthy Lifestyle Uses Natural Cleaning Products Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is more than just healthy eating and exercise. While those are key in staying healthy and aging gracefully other areas .e into play to. Cleaning your home with natural cleaning products not only protect your environment but they also protect your families health. Many store bought chemically based cleaning agents are made with harsh chemicals that effect our bodies. Eliminating or reducing our exposure to many of these chemicals will improve our overall health and that of the whole family. According to the "CM Cleaning & Maintenance Management" magazine the average American uses about 25 gallons of toxic and hazardous chemicals per year. The majority of those are found in our home cleaning products. Any steps that we take to reduce personal and family exposure to these chemicals will improve our life long good health . Natural Cleaning Products for The Home Natural cleaning products are better for both the indoor and outdoor environment and are cheaper than alternatives. A majority of the cleaning products you can buy at your local market consist of chemicals that are unhealthy to breathe and touch regularly. You can make healthy natural cleaning products with items you can find around the house. Baking soda makes a great cleaning agent. It cleans as well as gets rid of unwanted odors. It can be used to scour various surfaces and isnt as abrasive as other products. Soap is another natural cleaning product that will take care of many messes. Much of what you can buy is biodegradable and is therefore healthier for the environment. You can also clean just about all surface types with just plain soap. Lemon is another great natural cleaning product that works against bacteria. It also makes the house smell very pleasant. White vinegar is used for several purposes. It works very well for removing unwanted grease from surfaces and removes mold, stains and unwanted odors. Cornstarch is a product that has many different uses. It makes a great furniture polish; you can use it when cleaning windows; you can even use it to shampoo your carpet. There are many household products that can be used to serve a wide array of purposes. For example, you can use one type of product to clean a sink in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. Natural products carry a feeling of overall cleanliness while helping you achieve the immaculate home you have grown used to over the years. Before using certain natural products on materials such as fiberglass, make sure they arent too abrasive and dont contain an ingredient that could otherwise be harmful to fiberglass surfaces. Likewise, make sure that any natural products you use wont remove paint from surfaces. There are many ways to maintain a clean home, and using natural products will help you do this without harming you, your family or the environment. The best part is you wont have to go out and buy cleaning products; chances are, you already have many of them in your home. Your family deserves a long and healthy lifestyle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: