Net exposure in Nanchong, a city law enforcement said that you ask for something to be

Net exposure Nanchong law enforcement said "you have been informed about" Nanchong News Network (reporter Liu Shuyi) September 14th, the netizen released a video in Nanchong news network "three source forum" [portal], the report of urban management staff in the law enforcement emotion, a dispute with the masses. 22, the Nanchong news network reporter from the Shunqing District Law Enforcement Bureau was informed that, after investigation and verification, the urban management staff have been made accordingly. The friends released a video you can see, the beginning of the urban management staff by several people grasp the arm, then excitedly to a middle-aged woman said: "you ask him which is the first call, and you ask for another thing to shout"". After a dispute over some of the other members of the team was chased away, the whole video of 1 minutes and 34 seconds. The receipt of this after the posts, Shunqing district law enforcement bureau organization staff conducted a survey to verify, and the survey results will be announced. It is understood that since July, according to the city, Qu Ying Wei re arrangement, Shunqing District Law Enforcement Bureau East Street Office of urban management law enforcement unit to carry out major renovation in the area of city order. In September 13th, in the renovation of civilization Street fruit market, law enforcement officers found a sell walnut merchant Jeeves, because the business in violation of the "fruits and vegetables must be in business or business" in the stores of the relevant provisions of the city administration, law enforcement officers immediately stepped forward to persuade education. In the persuasion process, the owners will not return the goods store, when the law enforcement team prepared in accordance with the law on the implementation of the goods temporarily, the owners are not willing to cooperate, and one of the inspectors Lee dispute. Because at that time there are many onlookers, the parties out of sympathy, accused people of Lee, Lee on the spur of the moment, say "you are seeking things", causing onlookers discontent and a quarrel with the public. Shunqing District Law Enforcement Bureau said in reply, Lee in the process of law enforcement uncivilized behavior, resulting in adverse effects to the urban management team, by the Bureau of research, decided to make a deal on Lee, ordered it to the southeast Street Office of urban management law enforcement unit to make a written review, and criticized in a global net the performance salary of 200 yuan, and cancel the annual Pingyoupingxian qualifications.相关的主题文章: