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Business New academic fashion courses, only for you Virtual Voyage Indore brings a unique bonanza of fashion oriented courses for aspirants Indore: 10th May 2012: Fashion has always been a matter of pride for those who follow it, and inspire others. Time and again, we have seen numerous changes in life styles during past decades. People have adopted new fashion all around. Whether it is a matter of wears, house holds, homes, jewelleries, photography or any thing associated with us in daily life, we all want to go with new fashion. That is why; the persons involved in fashion world are given due respect and response. Under the circumstances, if any subject like fashion, is added to a phenomenal course, then possibilities of new business platforms increases and the person equipped with the skills becomes most desired to fulfill requirements of many people. In our country, well known for following the old traditions, new academic courses like fashion had faced opposition at the initial stage, but when a lot of fashion experts built their images and established their own concerns, the subject received good response and now more and more people wish to acquire fashion skills. It will not be out of order to mention that in India, a student after doing secondary education is found worried in selecting the courses for further studies. Since we (Parents) believe in providing education to our wards in traditional degrees only like, BA, B.Sc., BE, etc, ignoring the fact that these all courses have come at the verge of saturation, and the persons holding such degrees are found wandering here and there for a good service or job. Hence it is essential that the ward should be allowed to select such courses, which could be completed in short period and he/she may become eligible to run his/her own business , immediately after 3-4 years from secondary education. Virtual Voyage, a multi media educational institute of Indore has devised as many as16 courses linked with fashion world, viz. Fashion designing, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing and Retail Management Footwear Designing (all 16 branches will be quoted). All these courses have been designed to suit the students who wish to acquire the fashion skills in the desired segment. Mr.Abhay Jain,Director, Virtual Voyage says As we are running in 21st century, we will have to keep our selves as per the prevailing fashion pattern and prepare the new generation to be more versed with its new concepts. Virtual Voyage has designed many fashion oriented courses for the young generation which will be very useful for them in deciding their future careers. Our faculty members are busy all times in extending their maximum to build new fashion experts. As we select the candidates after discreet tastes, it becomes our prime duty to make them experts in the principles, they have opted. Our special team is available at the institute between 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily to guide and help the new candidates in selecting the subjects and courses. Mr. Jain added. About Virtual Voyage, Indore VIRTUAL VOYAGE- YOUR SMART CHOICE FOR A SPLENDID FUTURE Are you smart enough…? …to realize that the future belongs to courses designed according to the demands of the modern age, courses that suit the talent of the individuals, courses that offer a great future. Being smart has many connotations. Vital among them is the ability to understand the trends and plan your actions accordingly. It is a known fact that the monopoly of certain courses like engineering etc. when it comes to careers is coming to an end. Today, new and smart courses are taking the centre stage – courses that suit the demands of the modern age that are in sync with the talent of individuals and offer a promising future. The best place to take up these courses is Virtual Voyage-the biggest vocational training institute of India. It has a grand vision and an infrastructure to match. It offers a vast range of courses under one roof. Its new and huge campus at Malhar Mega Mall is among the best in the sector. The faculty here is the cream of the crop. Offering a world class learning experience right here in Indore, Virtual Voyage is your smart choice. For more information, please contact ATUL MALIKRAM 9827092823 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: