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Religion Christian speaker Peter Hansen has started a new humanitarian relief .anization (Angel Relief) after seeing the great need for humanitarian help in the Philippines. Christian speaker Peter Hansen has traveled most of the world, and seeing the great basic needs for help, has brought his attention to do more relief work. Peter says: It is overwhelming to see the great needs among people in places like the Philippines and even in Eastern Europe! I want to help and sow a seed into these peoples lives and give them a hope for the future, even though it is very difficult for them. Being a light is what can make a world of a difference in their daily lives. Together with his fiancee Abby, they have traveled throughout the Philippines speaking in churches and High Schools and giving out rice and food to those with a need. Recently they went to General Trias in Cavite, Philippines where Peter spoke in two Assemblies of God churches. In the churches they gave bags with clothing and food to those who needed it and throughout the morning they went to very depressed areas where people were living in handmade shelters of wood and old materials. Here they gave food and clothing to families with children. Peter says: Being in a place like this just makes me want to do more relief work. The children were so happy to see us. It was a great experience to see their faces with big smiles. We want to do and continue more work in areas with poverty and hunger. It is a blessing to give and know that what we do is a great help in their daily lives. Angel Relief will continue to help with food programs in the Philippines. Between 16- 23 percent in the Philippines suffer from hunger. That means more than 15 million people have a difficult time getting food in their stomachs everyday! Aside from that, those who life in poverty will make their children work instead of sending them to school. Angel Relief will also make a school supporting program and help the poor with school supplies. Angel Relief is working together with churches and schools to make it easier to distribute the help and keep it under supervision to make it safe. Peter says: As a Christian, it is my duty to help people in need. But it is not only a Duty, it is something deep inside my heart that wants to help and spread the love of Christ to those with a need of any kind. As a speaker and preacher I know my words have power, but the truth is, my actions and attitude have even more power. It is true with all of us; we cannot say something and do something else. We have to do what we preach! About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: