Next year will expand the scale of the Hummer basically unchanged in April 9th starting line-lara fabian

Next year will expand the scale of the horse is essentially the same route of Beijing newspaper on April 9th run (reporter Gao Chongcheng correspondent Du Si) at the National Convention Center Beijing marathon Expo site yesterday held the 1st Anniversary Beijing Hankou alliance news conference, the organizing committee officially announced the 2017 Hummer, Wuhan marathon time is still on the second Sunday of April, namely in April 9th, the starting time is 7:30 in the morning shot.   武汉市体育局相关负责人在发布汉马赛事信息时表示,考虑到首届汉马较为成功,按照现有赛事规模很难满足跑友的需求,汉马组委会经过科学评估和详细调研,并综合了各方意见后,已经确定将在2016年20000人参赛的基础上,2017年增加汉马参赛人数。 The organizing committee will be based on demonstration Hanma track, timely release relevant information. 2016 cars walking in Wuhan can best embody the historical and Humanistic Landscape Bridge City landmarks and attractions, known as the most beautiful marathon. The 2017 Hummer route will be basically unchanged, still located in Hankou starting point, end point in the revolution of 1911 health run Museum Square, half horse end point located in the provincial library, Malaysia end point at OCT Happy Valley, the entire route will pass through Yangtze River bridge, Qingchuan Bridge and Shahu bridge. Next year, Yangtze River bridge is built and opened to traffic 60th anniversary. In this special time, we can run across Yangtze River bridge. It will have special commemorative significance for runners or Wuhan. Complete line next year will be released officially in Hanma, confirmed after the approval of relevant departments. At present, evaluate the scenery along the way is a comprehensive upgrade. At the end of December this year, a total length of 28.7 kilometers of East Lake green road will be fully opened to traffic, not only green series from Mill Hill, Kikunami, Luoyan three landscape, East Lake will add six grand sights. East Lake green road main road will be paved with asphalt, on both sides of the road will be paved with colored plastic pavement construction, tree lined lake, Lake meadows, open lake, distant mountain and graceful, the most beautiful track will be perfectly reflected here, runners will truly appreciate the feeling of people ran in the painting.

明年汉马将于4月9日开跑 参赛规模扩大路线基本不变   本报北京电(记者高崇成 通讯员杜思)昨日在国家会议中心北京马拉松博览会现场举行的京汉结盟一周年新闻发布会上,汉马组委会正式宣布,2017年武汉马拉松的比赛时间仍然定在4月的第二个周日,即4月9日,发枪起跑时间为早上7时30分。   武汉市体育局相关负责人在发布汉马赛事信息时表示,考虑到首届汉马较为成功,按照现有赛事规模很难满足跑友的需求,汉马组委会经过科学评估和详细调研,并综合了各方意见后,已经确定将在2016年20000人参赛的基础上,2017年增加汉马参赛人数。汉马组委会将根据赛道的论证情况,适时对外发布相关信息。   2016汉马穿行在最能体现武汉历史人文和山水桥城的地标性建筑和景点中,被誉为最美马拉松。2017年汉马路线将基本保持不变,起点仍然设在汉口江滩,健康跑终点设在辛亥革命博物馆广场,半马终点设在省图书馆,全马终点位于华侨城欢乐谷,全程路线将经过晴川桥、长江大桥和沙湖大桥。明年是长江大桥建成通车60周年,在这个特殊的时间跑过长江大桥,无论对于跑者还是武汉,都将有特别的纪念意义。明年汉马的完整线路,将在相关部门审批确认后正式公布。   目前,汉马沿途风景正在全面升级。今年12月底,全长28.7公里的东湖绿道将全面贯通,新绿道不仅串联起磨山、听涛、落雁三大景观,也将为东湖再添六大观景点。东湖绿道主干道将铺设沥青,路两旁还将建设铺有彩色塑胶的人行道,湖岸绿树成荫,湖边水草丰美,湖面开阔,远处山影绰约,最美赛道将在这里得到完美体现,跑者将真正体会到人在画中跑的感觉。相关的主题文章: