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Business There is a huge variety of promotional marketing methods at the disposal of big brands, but theres no substitute for experiential or hands-on – letting your customers handle and try out new products. Thats the verdict of Mindi Chahai, writing in Promotional Marketing (First Hand Experience, December 2010). She writes: "the best way to get somebody to try a new product is to get it into their hands…the essence of experiential activity is engaging the senses." But handing out samples at railway stations wont cut it anymore, she adds. Consumers need to be aware of all aspects of the product – via creative, innovative event marketing campaigns that engage and excite them. Chahai was talking principally about consumer goods, anything from tea bags to Nintendo Wii. But as EMS Managing Director Keith Austin points out, hands-on event marketing works supremely well for business to business too – as a succession of EMS-led roadshow exhibitions campaigns has proved. "Going out on the road and taking their experiential campaign to where customers work has been a hugely successful tactic for big brands working with EMS," he says. "Using our bespoke, roadshow vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art technology they are able to give customers sophisticated, hands-on experience of products. Experiential marketing at this level has produced a visible return on investment for an array of technology brands, including Cisco, Infinera, Dell and Samsung. Austin adds: "Just days into the New Year, EMS is already working with a number of new customers who recognise the clear advantages of this type of face-to-face engagement." Ref: EMS-HS-070111 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: