Non-ferrous metals industry continued to focus on the allocation of zinc prices

Non-ferrous metals industry: focus on the allocation of rising prices for zinc plate Founder Securities Research Report released in September 12th, non-ferrous metal industry, the report is as follows: Thursday review: last week, non-ferrous plate domestic lead and zinc futures prices skyrocketing, the lead price limit, zinc prices hit a 5 year high Friday, promote the lead-zinc sector related stocks have to be seen, of which we have been very optimistic about Tibet Mount Everest trading. Overseas, Yellen’s speech just ended, non farm payrolls data will be significantly lower than expected, given the rate hike is expected to be a basin of cold water. Commodity prices, including gold. It is worth noting that silver prices soared again about 3%, taking into account the implementation of Yindu lead to the same kind of company, this wave of market should be paid more attention. The information industry, July Chinese imported from Indonesia nickel up jumped 5 times, because of the Philippines environmental protection China imported from Philippines to reduce the lead to rectify. China Zhong Wang announced the acquisition of U.S. Aleris Corp price of $2 billion 330 million. The latter mainly for aviation, defense, automotive industry. Investment strategy, we believe that the short term in the vacuum vacuum period, should focus on the configuration of the continuous price of zinc plate. Before the price of zinc rose 60%, but the main stocks rose little. Enter the $2300 tons after the interval, the stock price reaction to the price of zinc is likely to enter the stage of qualitative change. Beginning in the three quarter, the performance of many companies in the industry will be significantly improved, and the price will also be recognized by more people. We remain optimistic, we continue to look forward to fundamentals to determine the continued shortage of zinc for two years. 1, the short-term elasticity of the recommended varieties of shares to build a new mining, Luoping zinc (but can not see the valuation). 2, or the largest Chihong, performance flexibility in south of the Five Ridges (short or no law valuation). 3, more optimistic underestimate the value of high growth leading Mount Everest in Tibet, the bottom of the great cycle of high growing company, 16-18 PE were 25 times, 15 times, 10 times (all existing lead and zinc prices rose 1000 yuan per assumption, lead-zinc, thickening of the net profit of over 100 million). Non farm than expected, precious metals after the first yang. Last Friday, the Fed’s payrolls data is lower than expected, the Fed rate hike is expected to decline in September, after the first gold rose, COMEX silver, Shanghai Silver Rose 3.3%, respectively, or more than gold. We maintain a rate increase during the year to determine. The price of gold is expected to continue high volatility, silver prices are expected to be better than gold and silver price return than gold. Tin zinc led basic metals were mixed: last week, in addition to LME aluminum fell 2.18% other varieties are rising, LME lead, tin, zinc and nickel were up 324%, 293%, 2.25%, 2.19%. Zinc and tin are varieties of good fundamentals: zinc concentrate shortages continue to exceed expectations, is expected in the next half year transition to zinc shortage, leading to the rapid rise in price of zinc; Yunnan small tin smelting plant due to environmental supervision and production of continuous fermentation, bring prices continued to rise. Antimony prices rebounded slightly, cobalt prices steady. Last week Xiao Jin antimony prices rose 6%, other varieties had little change. Antimony is mainly used in flame retardant, the raw material tension and antimony ingot suppliers reluctant to sell prices and is expected to continue to support. Little change in the price of rare earth, national storage or recent landing. Southern precious metals exchange相关的主题文章: