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Non Nongla end, silver ten countdown. 10.10 crude oil, silver and natural gas operation ideas and strategies! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, performance is lower than the same product for a long time, how to buy the fund was pit? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! One message: market gyrations can create the profit space, the key is to be able to hold, each wave of ups and downs are reasons and laws, as long as the correct idea, what money is not difficult. For novices, it’s important to find a qualified, conscientious mentor. After all, you don’t analyze, do it alone, and it’s not realistic if you try to make money by chance. If you are now very serious loss, very confused, feeling can not see the hope, please make adjustments in time, the teacher changed the teacher, the platform change platform, otherwise it will certainly lose. No investment without money, only the unprofitable operation, with a teacher, benefit a lifetime. International News: Novak, Russia’s energy minister, will not reach an agreement next week to put pressure on oil prices. The Russian Ministry of energy said that Russia will hold consultations with the Minister of petroleum OPEC in Istanbul next week. But Russian energy minister Novak Novak said on Friday that he expects to reach an agreement with OPEC members at next week’s Turkey energy conference. Technical analysis of crude oil from the daily chart, the overall trend of crude oil is still long, Monday to Thursday crude oil even received 4 Yang, ending Friday weekly crude oil to get a big negative column, is currently below the 5 day moving average support, oil prices began to rebound slightly fell to $49.40, so $49.40 has become a support short position. Since crude oil fell from high above $50, and the space below has been opened, so do next Monday we should pay attention to a unilateral Powei case 49.40 position, and 49 dollar integer powei. The market is constantly changing, offer online guidance teachers add WeChat: qx1418 next Monday: below the idea to do a single space has been effectively opened on Monday, we should go for a unilateral, high rebound short silver technical analysis: non farm data Lido, published value less than expected, silver rising short-term correction after the wave continues to break new intraday high. From the weekly silver date line, is still bearish, in terms of MACD is still a bear trend, although KDJ was non farm data has been pulled up Guaitou phenomenon, but from the weekly view is still bearish, so that more than a single hand over Changyang friends to leave! Silver from the daily line of view, the rebound trend is obvious, Changyang recommended steady high short, radical on the opening to do more than one, in case of opening high, do not do so, warm tips: take your stop! The market is changing rapidly, and his online guidance adds Qi teacher WeChat: qx1418 natural gas technical analysis: natural gas, from the daily chart, all the five trading days this week, Yang Yang formed a five Yang Yang situation, also make the upper space of the figure on the theory

非农拉下帷幕,银十倒计时。10.10原油、白银、天然气操作思路及策略! 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   齐心寄语:   行情涨涨跌跌都能创造利润空间,关键是要能把握住,每一波涨跌都是有原因和规律的,只要思路正确了,赚钱不是什么难事。对于新手而言,找一个分析水平合格,尽职尽责的指导老师是很重要的,毕竟你们不会分析,做单如果靠碰运气,想要赚钱是不太现实的。如果你现在亏损的很严重,很迷茫,感觉看不到希望了,请及时作出调整,该换老师的换老师,该换平台的换平台,不然肯定还会亏损。没有不赚钱的投资,只有不赚钱的操作,跟对一个老师,受益一生。   国际消息面:   俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克下周不会达成协议的言论施压油价。俄罗斯能源部的消息称,俄方下周将在伊斯坦布尔与数位OPEC石油部长举行磋商。但俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克Novak却在周五称,预计在下周的土耳其能源会议上,不会与欧佩克成员国达成协议。   原油技术面分析:   从日线图看,原油整体走势仍然呈现多头排列,周一至周四原油连收4阳,周五周线收官原油获得一根大阴柱,目前下方受到5日均线支撑,油价在跌至49.40美元后开始小幅反弹,所以49.40美元成为短期的一个支撑点位。原油既然从50美元上方高位回落,而且下方的空间已经被有效打开,所以下周一做单方面我们应该关注49.40位置的一个破位情况,以及49.0美元整数的破位情况。行情瞬息万变,实盘在线指导添加齐老师微信:qx1418   下周一做单思路:下方空间已经有效打开,周一做单方面我们应该顺势而为,反弹高位做空为主   白银技术面分析:   非农数据利多,公布值小于预期,白银短线上涨,回调修正一波之后继续破日内新高,白银从周线日线上来看,依旧是看空的,从MACD上来讲依旧是一个空头趋势,KDJ虽然被非农数据拉升,已出现拐头现象,但是从周线上来看依旧是看空的,所以长阳建议手里套住多单的朋友借机离场!   白银从日线上看来,反弹趋势明显,长阳建议稳健高点做空,激进的就开盘就做个多单,如遇开盘高开,就别这么做了,温馨提示:带上你的止损!行情瞬息万变,实盘在线指导添加齐老师微信:qx1418   天然气技术面分析:   天然气,从日线图来看,本周的五个交易日全部收阳形成了五连阳的局面,也使上图的上行空间得到了完美注释!但是,我们不难发现,每一次上涨之后必然会回调,昨晚天然气价格暴涨300点之后,刷新了之前5709的高点,首次站在了5865高位,但是行情没有永远的上涨,也没有永远下跌,我们的目的是在每一波的回调或反弹中抓取到盈利的空间。目前天然气价格已经处于价格通道顶部,即将出现回调,那么下周的操作上回调做多为主。行情瞬息万变,实盘在线指导添加齐老师微信:qx1418   以上文章由齐心协金( 微信:qx1418公众号:qx01418为您打造属于一套属于自己的全面盈利方案)原创,盘中点位瞬息万变,以上建议,仅供参考,具体策略以盘中分析为主。温馨提示,投资有风险,入市需谨慎。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: