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North of the city of Nanjing and a real estate price over the river west of real estate — original title: North of the city of Nanjing and a real estate price over the River southwest of Yangzi Evening News (reporter Ma Zuobo) following the Hexi, Jiangbei plate, north of the city had become the new hot spot, the Nanjing property market yesterday afternoon, online real estate publicity Binjiang Gulou a rough housing estate the average price of 38800 yuan to sell square meters. Last month, north of the city of Nanjing Hongshan Xuanwu sea plate hardcover estate prices will be raised to 36000 yuan mansion square meters, caused by a sales person exclaimed, "it is more expensive than a river in southwest china". Unexpectedly, after half a month, and a real estate north of the city of Binjiang once again boost the prosperity of MCC North plate price level. According to the online real estate pre-sale permit yesterday afternoon publicity information, this event had just received a new home sales 150 suites source Xu, large area, a minimum of 130 square meters, a maximum of 180 square meters, mainly to improve customer sales target. In terms of price, a total of 5 buildings, 150 suites source price up to 38800 yuan square meters, but all rough delivery, compared with the River southwest of the current 36000 yuan square meters refined decoration price, obviously better off. These houses are all belong to the villa products, is the best location in the area of view, the price is a little high normal." Binjiang Shengshi metallurgical sales responsible person said, 38800 yuan square meters just fold, the most expensive of the 3 buildings in most housing prices more than 40000 yuan square meters, 179 square meters and 7 square meters apartment layout floor price 44112 yuan, the total price of nearly 7 million 900 thousand yuan, developers said, this batch of houses listed without any concessions, in accordance with the sale of pre-sale permit the price. As for the number of customers, the person in charge is probably the appearance of 4:1, that is, more than and 600 groups of customers have intention to buy. "Limit order" of the property market in Nanjing, Hexi, Jiangbei market plate prices are set to "high pressure red line", and the North prices long-term stable area had a "let go" signs, the more prices reported higher. Some developers believe that housing prices will be high prices are mainly on the consideration of marketing strategies, in the face of increasingly rational people to buy a house, do not give the price to meet the market will be difficult to sell satisfactory results. (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: