Northeast China cooling or up to 8 degrees Celsius, such as Yunnan, Hubei, etc. footman

Northeast China to cool or more than 8 degrees Celsius, Yunnan, Hubei and other rain constantly – China Weather Network News recently, China suffered frequent cold air intrusion, most areas cool down significantly. Today (30 days), and a new wave of cold air invading China, cooling the focus will be mainly concentrated in the north, expected future cooling of the three days of Inner Mongolia, North China, northeast and other places in some areas or to reach more than 8 DEG C, with 4 to 6 winds, Harbin, the highest temperature below 0 DEG C or Changchun. In addition, the recent rainy weather, such as rain, rain is expected to weaken in the next three days, but the rainy mode will continue. The cold air frequently Harbin maximum temperature below the freezing point recently, China’s frequent cold air activities, affected by the emergence of more rain and cool weather. As of 08 yesterday morning, a total of the lowest temperature in the provincial capital of the city ushered in the second half of to the lowest. Among them, the northeastern region of Harbin, Shenyang, Changchun [-5] to C, southern Guizhou, Eastern Yunnan, southern Jiangnan, North Central Southern China area, a decline of 8~14 C, yesterday, the southern, Eastern southwest area and even the highest local temperature at 10 DEG C. Today, there is a new cold air intrusion into China, the focus will focus on cooling in the northern region. The Central Meteorological Observatory is expected, under its influence, from October 30th to November 1st, the central Inner Mongolia northeast, South, north, Huang Huai and other places will have 4 to 6 DEG C, cooling, some areas of central Inner Mongolia, North China, northeast and other places southeast cooling up to 8 DEG C, accompanied by some of these areas from 4 to 6 northerly winds; to this end, the Central Meteorological Station in October 30th 06 issued a cool wind forecast. Two rounds of cold air seamless, the northeast region of Inner Mongolia, a cool "disaster", the next three days the three capital city and Hohhot will also continue to cool, Harbin, Changchun the highest temperature will be below freezing, Hohhot is only -1 C. In addition, the minimum temperature of the city will be reduced to around -10 degrees Celsius, compared with the year, nearly 1 months in advance. In addition to cooling, the Northeast snow will increase. 30, 8 to 31, 8, parts of Northwestern Xinjiang, Eastern and northeastern Tibetan Plateau and other places in the Northeast have small to moderate snow or sleet, the eastern Jilin local snow or snow. For other parts of the north, tomorrow will be affected by this round of cold air. Provincial capital cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Ji’nan, Zhengzhou, the maximum temperature will drop to 10 degrees celsius. Is expected to start in November 2nd, temperatures in most parts of China or will be picked up in parts of the eastern region of Northwest China, North West and will rise to 20 DEG C, and in the south, JAC, Jiangnan region or rose to 20 degrees celsius. Weather experts have warned that the public should pay attention to the change of temperature, at any time to add clothes, should also pay attention to the prevention of influenza, drink plenty of water, sooner or later, go out the best to wear masks to reduce the direct stimulation of cold air. Jac and other places for wet rainy intolerable since October, the Huaihe basin rain frequently.相关的主题文章: