Number of directors in Meng, Zhang said the law because the budget is not enough xpphone

Number of directors in "Meng", a law called the Tencent because the budget is not enough entertainment news (text Leimi) the closing of the twenty-first Busan International Film Festival as a director of the "Pearl" law. It is reported that there are a number of directors have been directed in this film as an actor, and this, Zhang law director made an explanation. Zhang Zheng, director of the twenty-first Busan Film Festival held at a hotel in Seoul on September 6th at the official press conference on the afternoon of. "Meng" tells the story of a woman and three men of the unique love story. This is a law of the director’s first human comedy by Han Yili as the female lead, and Liang Yijun, Yin Zhongbin, Pu Tingfan three directors as actor, received wide attention. "Dream" is a black-and-white film, when asked the reason, Zhang law director said that "the film is set in water station. Think of the color station, can not think of any color. So in black and white. In the black and white such a sense of space, people’s dreams should also have a spring, it will be integrated into the idea." In addition, there are several directors in the film as an actor, director Zhang explained, "there are several filmmakers in the film. The reason is that the budget is too small. I asked some friends who are good at making movies, and asked them to play for free. They’re all coming. It’s really a big help." Then I said, "I thought they had a good relationship with me. But just know later, because they help to Yili han. Thank you very much!" The twenty-first Busan International Film Festival will be opened on October 6th, closing 15, the main activities in the city of Busan and Nanpu Haeundae hole area. The film festival will be released from 69 countries, 301 films released this year, these works will be in the Busan area of the palace, CGV Centum City movie theater, Lotte Centum City cinema, Megabox cinema Haeundae and a total of 5 theaters and 34 screens. There are 96 for the world premiere, the 27 international premiere. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: