Official to guide the production of drugs to focus on solving the problem of lack of medication for

The official guide: Production shortage solved the lack of pediatric medicine – Beijing, Beijing, November 7, according to the Ministry website news, recently, the Ministry and other six departments jointly issued the "guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry development plan". "Guidelines" to guide enterprises to develop and produce a shortage of drugs, focusing on solving rare diseases, the lack of children’s medication and emergency medicine, low drug supply support capabilities and other issues. "Guidelines" to enhance the ability to supply security. – protect the shortage of drug supply to strengthen drug supply and demand information monitoring, the establishment of drug shortage warning system, the integrated use of supervision, insurance, price, purchase, use and other policies, guide enterprises to develop and produce a shortage of drugs, mainly to solve the problem of rare disease drugs, drugs for children and the lack of emergency medicine, cheap drug supply security ability. Support the construction of small varieties of drug production base, continue to carry out small dosage, clinical necessity, market supply shortage of drugs designated production pilot. To improve the national medical reserve system revision of the national pharmaceutical reserve management approach, give full play to the national pharmaceutical reserve function, improve the efficiency of the use of reserve resources. On the basis of emergency security, the establishment of the normal shortage of drug reserves. Optimize the physical reserve structure, enrich the way of reserve, increase technology, capacity and information reserves. We will improve the local medical reserve and strengthen the complementary linkage between the central and local governments. Improve reserve management information system, improve information integration and emergency response capabilities. – meet the diversified market demand to encourage enterprises in the development of drugs for the treatment of major diseases and high performance of medical devices at the same time, micro innovation of existing products to carry out various forms, improve the patient experience, improve patient compliance, to meet the multi-level, personalized market demand, promote China’s overseas tourists to buy demand to return. Focus on enriching children with OTC drugs and dosage forms, the development of household medical device products, improve product design, functional positioning and packaging, to meet the needs of consumers’ self health management.相关的主题文章: