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Official website: we de rookie list ranked first to fourth [] the second star embid de highlights the empty frying basket shaking cap Tencent sent yibaka sports news November 3rd NBA official website updated rookie list, 76 people with outstanding performance center Nebid recently, rose to first, Brown and Dunn were second and third. The Lakers Michael Ingram from second to fourth. Well into the rookie of the year 1, Peter Nebid (76, last week ranked fourth) although Nebid was strictly limited, but he in the limited time performance is quite good. Season the first two games, we de respectively 20 points and 14 points, playing against the magic, he is cut off his first double double with 18 points and 10 rebounds. However, we want to de competitive rookie of the year, the first to keep healthy, to lift the limit order, play back-to-back games. 2, Jielun – Brown (Celtics, last week ranked No. ninth) in the first 3 games of the game did not have too amazing performance, were given a score of 9 points, 8 points and 7 points. But you know, Brown 3 games per shot more than 50%. Brown, who has become the first substitute for the Celtics to win the game, will remain on the pitch at a crucial moment, a sign that he is a reliable player. 3, Chris – Dunn (Timberwolves, last week ranked No.) as a result of the injury to the injured, and soon got his first start in the Timberwolves in the opportunity of the third, the first time in the world, the United States and the United states. Against the Grizzlies, Dunn served as the main control, contributed 10 points and 4 rebounds, 6 assists and 5 steals, the performance is quite good. After that, Dunn will be against the Nuggets Mudie and thunder Wei Wei, his challenge has just begun. 4, Ingram (Lakers, last week ranked No. second) due to the previous game due to injury ahead of the game only played for 4 minutes, the average of the field data were affected by Ingram. Apart from the game, Ingram playing time is still very stable, he also played 3 matches are 21, 24 and 15 minutes. At present, Ingram Rolle Deng mainly as a substitute, he sometimes guest guard, Walton intends to develop his comprehensive. 5, Marquez – Chris (sun, last week ranked No. eighth) in the first 4 games of the new season, the performance of the United States is quite stable in the last games. He had 3 shots and more than 50% shots, with a total of 1 shots and a total of 7 shots of 3. The first 3 games, Chris averaged 7 points, fourth 9 points, Chris has a problem is easy to foul, 3 games, 11 minutes of his 3 fouls in 14 minutes, 3 fouls, 18 minutes and 4 fouls, he must learn to control their own number of fouls. Ranked 6 to 10 players are: Sabonis (thunder), Hilde (Ti Hu), Baldwin (Memphis), Malaysia (Toronto) Kamm and Jamal – Murray (Denver). (Sean) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, unauthorized, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.相关的主题文章: