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Offshore RMB big move! Goldman is also face U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants FX168 financial newspaper (Hongkong) –   Wednesday (September 14th), the two major Asian markets: offshore renminbi liquidity increasingly tight, the central China mom should sit idly by? The yen hit a week low, due to the foreign media reported that the Bank of Japan will further cut — resorted to large movements of negative interest rates! The offshore renminbi liquidity emergency central mother sit idly by? According to the TMA price fixing, Hongkong overnight interbank interest rate of RMB (Hibor) rate jumped 532 basis points to 8.1617%, to a new high since February 19th; a week period of RMB Hibor rose to 10.152%. (source: FX168 financial network, Peng Bo) overnight on Thursday RMB Hibor had suddenly weekdays from about 1-2% soared to 5.446% in the Hongkong, the HKMA said on Monday night, has been through the RMB liquidity arrangements and the level of liquidity provision, provide liquidity support for the banking industry in Hongkong. Then the evening of RMB Hibor fell to 2.838% on Tuesday, but today again significantly tightened liquidity. For the liquidity from an emergency, Chinese central mom really sit idly by? This is not the case! According to Peng Bo reports, in the eyes of the Chinese central bank, the stability of offshore RMB exchange rate seems to be more important than liquidity. For overnight RMB HIBOR hit a nearly seven month high, market participants interpreted this, China central bank and the Hongkong monetary authority does not will ease tight liquidity as the offshore renminbi would have to be a pressing matter of the moment, short face higher costs. German Commercial Bank senior economist Zhou Hao wrote in comments published today, the offshore renminbi financing costs soared Chinese showed increase in the central bank to reduce the cost of shorting the yuan, RMB devaluation pressure. But he also pointed out that the stable RMB exchange rate in the short term, the central bank’s strategy will not only undermine confidence in the market, will allow the market to frequent intervention that the RMB depreciate is inevitable, resulting in increased capital outflows. "Yesterday, the offshore renminbi dollar closing price close to 6.7, in order to resist speculative short, estimate the people’s Bank won’t mind seeing the short end of the cost of capital to go up," the Australian Federal Bank (CBA) in Singapore currency strategist Andy Ji said in an interview. Part of the rise in offshore renminbi Hibor is due to seasonal demand for funds, but also in part because the Hongkong monetary authority did not actively provide liquidity to the market." Last week, Hongkong RMB overnight began an unexpected surge, triggering hot market. But the market believes that there are indications that the overnight rate rose and offshore dollar swap and the exchange rate is expected to have little relevance, more is due to focus back to the mainland after the expiration of the RMB swaps, funds face caused by the tension, but the objective will form a blow to the offshore RMB short. In January this year, the RMB devaluation had to face more pressure, according to the central bank China Cong相关的主题文章: