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O’neal is best known for the Los Angeles Lakers is Kobe pan out correct sports Sohu Beijing time on February 15th, according to the "New York post" reported that in an interview, Shaquille O’neal said, Kobe is probably the best player in franchise history, but in his opinion, the Lakers this season out is the right choice. Kobe will retire at the end of the season, this season he is the Lakers for the twentieth season, during which he won the five championship trophy, which has been working with O’neal three. "The old man will catch up with us," O’neal said, "so I’m sure he has a lot of pain. The problem is that when you’re an excellent player, the outside world always expects you to do something you did when you were young. In terms of celebrating him, the NBA League did a good job. It’s interesting to see him become a veteran. I remember when he first joined the league, he was a 18 year old, and he worked hard. He’s probably retiring as the Lakers best player ever." So far this season, the Lakers made only 11 wins and 44 losses ranked West from the bottom first, Kobe and the current data compared with the peak period has declined. "It is hard to see the Lakers struggled, this is a process of learning for all of us," O’neal said, "they will focus more on Kobe’s farewell tour, to give up this season, but next season Kobe won’t be here, so they have to do so." In addition, O’neal also spoke about Nicks fired Fisher, Fisher as a player has worked with O’neal. It is worth mentioning that, so far, Nicks has only won 23 wins and 32 losses this season, ranked twelfth in the east. "This is an unfortunate situation. I think Phil Jackson (President Nicks) at least to give him some time, "said O’neal," for Fisher, it is very difficult, after all, he had no coaching experience. I always wondered if the players would respect him. We may not be used to seeing Nicks and the Lakers struggling at the same time, so it’s hard for anyone." (Fu Yun)

奥尼尔挺科比乃湖人最佳 称洛城因飞侠摆烂正确-搜狐体育   北京时间2月15日,据《纽约邮报》报道,在接受采访时,沙克-奥尼尔表示,科比可能是湖人队史最佳球员,同时在他看来,湖人本赛季摆烂是正确的选择。   科比将在本赛季结束后选择退役,本赛季是他在湖人效力的第20个赛季,在此期间,他为湖人赢得了五座总冠军奖杯,其中与奥尼尔合作得到了三个。   “时间老人都会赶上我们,”奥尼尔说道,“因此我确定他有很多疼痛。问题在于,当你是一位优秀球员时,外界总是期待你做一些年轻时你所做的事情。在为他庆祝方面NBA联盟做得不错。看到他成为一位老将,这很有趣。我记得他刚进联盟时是一位18岁的球员,他很努力。他可能要以湖人队史最佳球员的身份退役。”   本赛季至今,湖人仅取得11胜44负的成绩,排名西部倒数第一位,而科比目前的数据与巅峰期相比也有一定下滑。   “很难看到湖人表现如此挣扎,对于大家来说这都是学习的过程,”奥尼尔坦言,“他们可能将精力更多地集中在科比的告别之旅上,从而放弃本赛季,但是科比下赛季就不在这里了,因此他们必须这么做。”   除此以外,奥尼尔还谈到了有关尼克斯炒掉费舍尔的情况,费舍尔在球员时期也曾与奥尼尔合作过。值得一提的是,到目前为止,尼克斯本赛季仅取得23胜32负的战绩,位列东部第12位。   “这是一个不幸的情况。我认为菲尔-杰克逊(尼克斯总裁)至少要多给他一点时间,”奥尼尔说道,“对于费舍尔来说,那很难,毕竟他之前没有执教经验。我一直想知道球员是否会尊重他。我们或许并不习惯看到尼克斯和湖人同时表现挣扎,因此对于任何人来说都很难。”   (浮云)相关的主题文章: