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Open: the United States early please hit gold’s gold and silver, gold and silver up bumpy road 1342 empty Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! In the us tend to have a lot of opportunities, but due to negligence is not found, so as to let the opportunity slip, or allow others to find out. Therefore, in the daily life of things around to see more, think more, do more, find and create opportunities for their own great benefits. The recent market is the same, more than a little chance to see a chance to hit. Time is changing, the emotion in the clutch, we gradually became accustomed to as the light yunqiyun fall, see huakaihuaxie. Only accept the past and present, will have the energy to pursue their future. Every day in the market there is a new opportunity, if often lost, there must be a question of ideas and strategies, so immediately change the idea, the immediate crisis as an opportunity to change the speed of thinking will determine the rate of profit. Yesterday again after market after the operation becomes whipsaw, today a little tangled, but since it is a trend and fate, we only need to take advantage of the. Unemployment gold became the most favorable basis for the reduction of gold and silver yesterday, of course, in the early stage, has not been found before the weak, the 1350 line of gold to become the most powerful pressure. And silver is also under pressure. A lot of people in the care of Delaki yesterday the eurozone’s remarks, we actually have to say have impact on currencies, gold and silver but still turn to go down. U.S. Energy Data Association (EIA) data released on Thursday showed that last week, U.S. crude oil inventories plunged, the largest decline in 1999 to create the largest, gasoline inventories also unexpectedly reduced significantly, but the increase in distillate stocks than expected. Dumbledore released gas in advance, and early AIP synchronous bullish prices, yesterday is the largest beneficiary of crude oil, almost jumped 200 points after the price has become a classic, today see below hailun interpretation of technical analysis: gold of the weekly trend Jiepan figure: Gold: yesterday due to the negative impact of unemployment, the price of gold is down again, and in we are confident that in the long, just look at the 1350 line, can be considered more reliable. Just yesterday announced the United States last week, the number of jobless claims is better than expected, and hit the lowest level since mid July, the 79 consecutive week below the 300 thousand mark, indicating that the U.S. job market is still healthy. Gold fell under pressure. The United States refers to gold and silver rebound after diving straight after the bottom several times after the final breakdown of the 1340 line of defense. We had a short menacing, half an hour on the line graph K line combination found in: 1349 may be emptying a great opportunity, and we often explain, the opportunity is absolutely to come, not always waiting for you, the hand on hand, rensili hailun not long, 1349 decisive resolutely empty, and ushered in the synchronous burst earn profits of crude oil, the market today become very fragile, rebound vent flow. Silver: strategy, the impact of the data should also be hit by silver, did not see how the silver disk, only know that gold is not good, silver certainly suffering, and now prices fell to the theory相关的主题文章: