Opinion polls show that 76% of Philippines’s people are satisfied with the president’s performance-exit safe mode

Polls show that 76% of Philippines people satisfied with the president – China News Agency, Beijing in October 6 Manila Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ming) Philippines published polls agency 6, the latest poll results show that 76% of the people in Philippines are satisfied with the Philippine President Duthel Te claimed that since he took office in the performance. Philippines folk organization "community station", the agency in September 24th to 27 in the Philippines of 1200 adults conducted face-to-face interview found that 76% of the respondents were satisfied with the policy of President Duthel Te, 11% of the respondents said that the Duthel Te is not satisfied, while 13% of respondents did not comment. Duthel Te was inaugurated as president of Philippines in June 30th. According to the "social weather stations" measure, Walter poll for the "+64" net rate of satisfaction (satisfaction rate minus the rate of dissatisfaction), performance is very good, but also better than most former office 3 months when the polls show. Duthel Te after the crackdown on drug-related crimes and denounced President Obama and the U.S. ambassador to the Philippines by Western media continued to attack, the United States, the European Union have made "human rights card" and to aid the Philippine hostage, in an attempt to pressure. Philippines presidential palace 6, stressed that "about Duthel Te ‘s performance in the polls show the social weather stations, despite criticism by some" noise ", but Philippines people still trust Duthel Te. Philippine presidential spokesman Abeila said the people of Philippines to perform the duties of President Walter is feeling, people feel trust to him for what he did. Danal, Philippines’s Ministry of information, said in a statement the same day, the poll of the performance of the Changan is not surprising, showing that most of the people of Philippines recognized the performance of the 3 months since he became president of the president of the United States, the performance of the president of the people’s Republic of China, said. He urged all Filipinos to support Duthel Te’s reform agenda, let Philippines to achieve lasting peace and prosperity in the next few years. Duthel Te said in a speech at the headquarters of a police area during the day, do not expect the United States President Obama and the EU can understand Philippines’s current drug problem, not in exchange for foreign aid at the expense of the dignity of the country and the future. He said he would prefer to see the United States and the European Union to withdraw aid to the Philippines, nor to interfere with the Philippines government’s ongoing war against drugs". "If you feel now the withdrawal of aid to Philippines, then withdraw it, we won’t go begging for help, Duthel Te once again to the United States and the European Union of hardline propaganda. (end)相关的主题文章: