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Our ancestors also told that joke [Abstract] humor, especially Asian humor is the product of contentment and leisure, all China contentment and leisure, an extraordinary amount of. This paper from the "edition of jokes", master of the game, Yunnan people’s publishing house, September 2016 in Derby meet people like to urinate, call him over to see what. It is still in its Tuoku, see: move in clap Dai Hei said: "my dear son, see my father-in-law, just as derby." A military expedition to help those will be defeated, but a magic back, anti victory. One officer please God’s name, God said: "I am duozi." The official said: "he will dare to work, see those God save?" Answer: "you always sense in teaching field, never had one hurt me." With a towel monk to urinate, playing with his penis. Occasionally with a towel approached them and said: "you play master two, then what?" The monk said: "how many see his head, and he would like to fold top towel belt." Do not finish the volume of the whole volume, the test set four, etc.. To friends, said: "I only need half." Friends of the cloud: "fortunately. If finished, looked set to fight." Flea medicine one flea medicine, the sign on the "sell good flea medicine". Ask: "how to use?" Answer: "catch flea to drug coated the mouth, is dead." May the kicking load of firewood, inadvertently healers. Medicine for his anger. The woodcutter said: "Nanjing by kicking, do not move your hand." By human error, the woodcutters said: "kicking is not death, by his hand, will live." A person to view saw arrow rod Wuchang, arrows in the wrong body, surgical treatment of attack. Doctor said: "easy ear." Then with a small cutting outer rod, which is Suoxie quit. Q: "how is it?"" Answer: "this is a medical matter." A young, generous generous living near the vein mining pediatrician beaten, advised said: "two of your fellow, so why bother." And said: "you do not know Mai, this guy too damn tight. I born into a child and adult medicine medicine he, who wants his medicine children, no one to put my medicine." A thin beard beard to face, physiognomist says: "although Zunxiang is not the rich, nor to the poor." Hu Zheyun: "why?" Physiognomist says: "the public must, bidding documents." Hold a big fan shanzhui, in short, play to set the fan head said: "brother right ear shanzhui moment." The dwarf was furious, scold Yue: "fuck woman thief! If I did take shanzhui, I’ll kill you heart kicked around!" Two boat people encounter two boats, hand in the window, a pinch. To appeal to his wife, his wife said: "in the future will be two ships, remember not to urinate." A man’s hand over Lent was discussed the marriage, "too late, said second decoration. And after marriage, his wife to observe the movement, as if not married. But asked his ex-wife ho husband, not suddenly thought, replied: "he’s hand." "Introduction" edition of jokes, master of the game, Yunnan people’s publishing house, 2016.9 "edition of jokes" content taken from Feng Menglong’s "Xiaofu", is a master of the ancient jokebook. The book is divided into 12 volumes, each volume has a unique theme, such as greed, the taboo, falsehood, boudoir wind. Now the life, laugh, Men’s feelings are changeable. ridiculous people. The book collection game master, that is not one person, but a group of scholars in the Qing Dynasty).相关的主题文章: