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A car was traced to the abuse of temporary plate experts say is "black" with "tour of Northwest Chinese, gradually popular in Lanzhou" concept, more and more popular Lanzhou automobile leasing business. But the market is in the process of development, some problems are gradually exposed, the leasing company vehicles using a temporary license plate problem is particularly prominent. "Pro Card" to increase passenger risk if a little attention, it is not difficult to find, recently in the province and the hot spots, and out of many labeled "Sichuan" or "Su" prefix "temporary license plate of the vehicle. According to the reporter, with the temporary license plate of the vehicle, since June of this year from Sichuan, at first mostly temporary license, temporary license for Jiangsu recently. Reporters saw at Zhongchuan airport called a "Hi" car door, parked outside the shop, more than and 20 cars, six or seven cars with a temporary license, and is the end of the month expired. A car when the reporter asked the staff, if the car in the process, the temporary license expires how to do? "Said the other, generally will not happen, even if it appears, the company must also have a solution, such as change etc.". However, the reporter learned on its official website, the "Hi" in Gansu with only Lanzhou stores, if consumers drive to distant places, a temporary license expires, it is difficult to find the store to change, can only be punished points of the problems facing. This is not alarmist, earlier media reports said the Shanghai consumers from the "Hey" car companies did not pay attention to a car, this car is only a temporary license plate, on the road to encounter traffic police checks, found temporary card is expired. But the consumer license 12 points were exhaustively buckles, but to participate in the driving test. According to the reporter, "a hi car" Lanzhou airport stores most vehicles not listed, the recent use of foreign temporary card to card based su. Although the store staff has repeatedly stressed that the "Pro Card" will not be a problem, but consider from the perspective of the customer, "Lin" brand will have a lot of problems, the first is "the authenticity of the temporary card, if the temporary card is false, it will cause a great impact on the car, which will likely face buckle car travel delays. At the same time, "Lin" brand in the insurance and illegal vehicle insurance is also difficult to control, no formal license is complete is a major problem, if a traffic accident will bring big trouble, which can not guarantee vehicles safety, but can not guarantee that the customer car experience. In the city where the power of illegal temporary license plate is also called a temporary license plate, is not officially settled in the new vehicles purchased in front, issued by the Public Security Department of vehicle driving certificate, valid generally not more than thirty days. "Pro Card" expired if not for the formal license, after the road will face suspension of vehicle and fined 200 yuan, deducted 12 points penalty. Then, with a temporary license plate of the vehicle can enter the rental market? Experts said, strictly speaking, put to the market rental vehicle is operating the vehicle, "Lin" brand vehicles do not have the qualification of operation, the company will invest a car market, nature is the "black car", serious violation of the law. Despite the violation, but a similar phenomenon in the car market is still widespread. Even like Hey this is corporate reputation and brand awareness of certain industries, the contrary.相关的主题文章:

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P2P large credit business transformation lost: inability to consumer finance fund Sina exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter intern reporter He Jingjing Shanghai, reported that the days are getting harder and harder." A P2P platform responsible Wang Kai (a pseudonym) regrets. At the beginning of last year, in order to expand the capital side, where he P2P platform began to get involved in financial leasing, factoring business, personal housing mortgage class large net loan business, these assets accounted for the entire loan scale was up to more than 50%. But recently the relevant departments issued the Interim Measures for the management of network lending information intermediary business activities (hereinafter referred to as the measures), the large P2P loan business lost legal status. The "measures" provisions: individual and natural person on the same platform as the borrowing limit is 200 thousand yuan, in more than one platform borrowing limit is 1 million yuan; a single organization, legal person on the same platform the borrowing limit is 1 million yuan, in more than one platform borrowing limit is 5 million yuan. This means that the loan amount of up to tens of millions of financial leasing, business factoring business, as well as more than one million personal mortgage loans, etc., will be cleared out of the P2P market. Relevant departments are to guide the P2P platform, the business focus shifted to a relatively small consumer finance and inclusive finance." Wang Kai think. However, the previous focus on financial leasing, factoring business, personal housing mortgage business P2P platform, on the one hand to promote the scene lack of consumer consumer finance business growth, on the other hand, there is no mature wind control system to reduce the risk of consumer finance business. Now a lot of platforms are watching, first look at those involved in large P2P loan business platform how to transform, and then decide whether to follow the transformation of their own." New online deputy general manager Chen Zhicheng to accept the twenty-first Century economic report reporter interview frankly. He said that does not rule out the next period of time the P2P industry, a new wave of reshuffle, some focus on large credit P2P business platform is likely to opt out of the market. There are some platforms for regulators have expectations." Wang Kai revealed that he recently learned from the exchange platform, some positive local Internet Financial Industry Association to reflect the situation, hoped that the association can communicate with the regulatory authorities, according to financial leasing, supply chain finance, commercial factoring and other large businesses issued special regulations, allowing these operations in the third party guarantee institutions guarantee to wind control carry out. Alternative approach: Joint lending risk Wang Kai said, after the introduction of the measures, some platforms began to find ways to circumvent the provisions of the loan ceiling, maintaining large loan business. One of the industry is more practice, that is, the establishment of a number of P2P joint lending business model. In the individual real estate mortgage P2P loans, a borrower will be the market value of 2 million real estate mortgage loans 1 million, in the 5 platforms were issued 200 thousand loan subject; if the borrower mortgage financing 5 million to 10 million real estate market, on the platform相关的主题文章: