Photochemical reaction kettle|Photochemical reaction kettle

photochemical reactor , also known as photochemical reaction, multifunctional photochemical reactor, the photocatalytic reaction device, multifunctional photochemical reaction instrument series photocatalytic device is a new generation of photochemical reactions based on photochemical reaction of imported and domestic famous laboratory practice of cooperation in the development of the device is mainly used to study gas phase, liquid phase and solid phase flow simulation system in the simulation of ultraviolet, visible light, special analog light, whether supported TiO2 photocatalyst optical reaction conditions. At the same time, I provide customers with a fiber like material, arranged in a special reaction vessel, to solve the problem of the material in the conventional reaction container placement. OCRS-K type multifunctional photochemical reaction instrument suitable for application in the research field of chemical synthesis, environmental protection and life science, the system has the unique advantages of reasonable technology, simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation, protect the body, free combination, flexible custom etc.!

How to set the SLM series high pressure reaction kettle|How to set the SLM series high pressure reaction kettle

reactor: magnetic stirring Mini reactor , Mini micro reactor , plus

hydrogen high pressure micro reactor.When

used in the micro reactor and the temperature in the deviation, or the requirements of the experiment temperature is very accurate, or the temperature is before the self-tuning temperature difference of ± 50, to the temperature tuning. Please do the following:

: we set the temperature according to the "select addition and subtraction set the temperature control accuracy is not ideal, such as the need to self tuning, according to the key of self-tuning, self first set the temperature to be used to control the temperature, the key for five seconds, then the digital temperature control instrument under the lower right corner of the display lights flicker when to let go, to go through three meter to the end of the heating and cooling, until the display lights stop flashing after self tuning over, then the normal temperature will be controlled at 1 DEG C, ± self tuning process if you want to quit, hold the button for five seconds, until the light is off is the exit. The auto tuning process can not guard, but not to do self tuning during the experiment, can not change the setting temperature, because your appearance in the dark condition, the temperature exceeds the set temperature, so as not to damage the sample unnecessary trouble.