Common trouble and elimination method of control instrument for reactor|Common trouble and elimination method of control instrument for reactor











        fault phenomenon





          possible reason





          exclusion method


power supply

the power switch is not turned on, but the heating voltage meter is indicated and is not adjustable.

1. heating furnace wire burning off or porcelain connector  

Poor contact with


2. heating fuse damaged.

1. changing electric furnace wire or ceramic joint.

2. replacement fuse.


turn on the power switch but without any indication.

1. total power fuse damage.

2. power switch internal poor contact.

3. power supply is wrong.

replacement fuse.

change switch.

uses the power supply voltage and makes the correction.


no temperature display

temperature sensor failure.

thermometer damage.

replacement temperature sensor.

replacement thermometer.


turn on the mixing adjustment potentiometer, but the motor does not turn.

fuse fuse damaged.

motor wiring head dropped.

panel potentiometer switch damage.

Component damage in

integrated circuit board.

replacement fuse.

according to the circuit diagram with a million meter measurement, to find out the fault and correct.

will remove the table contact potentiometer, adjust the potentiometer slowly in the legs, to see if there is a disconnect phenomenon, or replace the board.


turn on the mixing switch that is to burn the fuse or replace the fuse.

motor wiring short circuit.

silicon controlled wiring board in the diode burned.