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Pakistan Intelligence: Corey Siti Ba nearly 8 League 5 wins 3 flat best home court Wednesday 003         Pakistan       Corey Siti Ba VS Santa Cruz     2016-11-17 07:00         Cotto Stadium: Parreira stadium, Corey Siti Ba 16° weather: rain Pakistan in the 35 round, Corey Siti Ba home court against Santa Cruz. Corey Siti Ba on the 2 round home court 0 victory over Mineiro athletic, Kleiber and Corey Siti Ba Vega for accomplishment, made the tournament nearly 8 games after the first win, Corey Siti Ba will be the underdog against Santa Cruz this week to Pakistan a 35 round home court. The first leg of the season, Corey’s away 1 to 0 to win, and a league meet is the 2007 season, when the two teams are B, Corey’s first leg home court 2 0, the second leg away 3 2 to complete a double play in Santa Cruz. In addition, since early August this year, Corey’s League nearly 8 home court 5 wins 3 flat 0 negative excellent performance. In addition to the defender of the war, Santos, midfielder, striker, midfielder Michael injury, the rest of the regular main can play, winning streak is worth the prospect of. The Santa Cruz round 1 to 0 victory over the home court Mineiluo America, right winger Leo Mora in thirty-third minutes scored the only goal. However, to get the 3 points is still not enough to make the Santa Cruz out of the relegation zone, zhanba 34, Santa Cruz only accumulates 27 points ranked second, is the current round of the season, the Pakistan left in the 4 round, the Santa Cruz theory can get 12 points, but the distance is ranked sixteenth in Vitoria is just 12 points, goal difference is a difference of up to 17 particles. Based on this situation, the Santa Cruz downgrade in advance is reached, and it certainly will have no small impact on the rest of the league, in fact many Gambling company is not optimistic about the current round of Santa Cruz points, and 3 times in the past with Corey’s fight, Santa Cruz suffered complete defeat. The war is determined to break the players have defender Nellis, defender Alan, midfielder, but objectively speaking, Santa Cruz sent any lineup is of little significance to the. Since 2007, Corey Siti Ba had only played 3 times with the Santa Cruz, Corey Siti Ba this season unbeaten, Pakistan first leg, Corey Siti Ba away 1 to 0 over Santa Cruz. (Nazario)相关的主题文章: