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People’s Daily: pension increase   don’t delay on the road – View – up – pension, early morning my heart, can solve the problem of early in life. Delays in the payment of the amount received, although then reissued in place unchanged, but happiness certainly raised the pension that has been greatly affected, how do not come? In the end of August, in addition to Shanghai, Beijing and other places will increase this year’s 6.5% individual pension gradually adjusted in place, other provinces are still anxiously waiting for the retired people in. Enterprise retirees pension has been raised 11 times. Retired people are mostly adapted to the rhythm of the past: the Spring Festival every year before being raised pension news, and some places to the end of the first quarter will be able to get the elderly happy to get an increase in pensions. This year is a little different. Until the beginning of April, the country once again raised the pensions that they settled down. In the economic slowdown, pension has been transferred to the background of 10 years, continue to raise pensions for the elderly, we have a point of praise for this decision. However, in nearly 5 months later, the pension has not brought up, old people will panic. Some worry: is not enough money in the pension account? Some speculation: is not willing to implement the place? Is not every delayed a month will be able to send a retiree? Objectively speaking, the increase in the pension payment in place, it really takes time. As a result, an average increase of 6.5%, does not mean that everyone rose by 6.5%, different ages, different titles, different groups, there will be some differences. In conjunction with the actual accounts, made up of thin concrete scheme, it is not forwarded a document can be completed. Secondly, for the first time this year the overall arrangement of institutions and adjust the basic pension for enterprise retirees synchronization, the policy is relatively complex, can not completely copy the previous 10 transfer procedures, and to develop new programs, spend some time to understand. However, only a few provinces introduced adjustment rules issued in place, the fastest to the end of September. There are many provinces, specific adjustment plan has not yet been announced, payment is likely to wait until the end of the year, dragged on too long, justified. Pension is a good thing to benefit people’s livelihood. Good thing to do. If in a short time is difficult to put in place, localities should promptly explain: whenever you arrive by pension from January 1, 2016 will be launched in full replacement in place, in order to dispel doubts. The most important thing is to speed up the implementation of the program as soon as possible, the amount of money, so that early retirement benefits, so that the country’s good policy not to delay on the road. Some people think that sooner or later can reissue in place, one day later what is the difference between a day? You know, the average monthly pension of 2000 yuan early, is the most important source of livelihood for most retirees. Live, fuel, electric hot water, everything for money. Up one hundred or two hundred yuan, does not seem too much, but it is possible to make a more comfortable, so that life is not affected by rising prices. The money, as early as possible, good morning, early solution相关的主题文章: