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Philippines armed jail at least 28 prisoners to escape – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Manila on 28 August, (reporter Yang Tianmu) Philippines police says 28 days, a group of 27 militants in a prison in the southern Philippines implementation of spring action, killing at least 28 detainees escaped. Feinanla Laura, senior police officer Agustin Tello? Said, about 50 militants carrying heavy equipment 27 pm local time around 5:40 in Nanla broke into a prison, Laura, malawi. The prison guards are weak, the entire prison guards militants quickly disarmed after control, and the release of the 8 members in the rebels’ mauth organization ", and at least 20 other inmates took the opportunity to escape. The militants in the left prison from the guards took two assault rifles and a car. 8 let Tello said, "Mao special organization" members 22 days this month because of illegal possession of explosives and guns were detained in the prison. The Philippine military said government forces have increased the alert level Lanao del Sur and distributed image escape personnel, to assist the police to resolve the incident as soon as possible. "Mauth organization" is an activity in the central southern Mindanao in the Philippines rebels, made bomb attacks and kidnapping case. In May this year, members of the outbreak of violent clashes with government forces, killing more than 20 militants, government forces subsequently found the extremist organization Islamic state flag in the crossfire, suspected that the organization has allegiance to the Islamic state".相关的主题文章: