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Philippines sea is now mysterious water column organisms – Science and technology – People’s original title: Philippines undersea mysterious water column biological recently, a diver found a magical creature in the sea of Philippines. Seen from the distance, it resembles a giant, long – standing jellyfish, like a water column, translucent. Because before diving have never seen such a creature, so the diver would not easily close, just slowly followed it and found this thing is not what the attack, only in certain areas slowly swimming. Divers found the creature head has a big hole, can hold a person, he tried to cut in the tour, found himself inside smoothly. Through careful observation, divers found this relatively large size, biological is actually composed of numerous small bubbles formed by the arrangement. To find out where it was, the divers took several photos of the creature. Analysis of local marine experts, which is an ancient marine life – "living insects". Living insect is an ancient ocean, generally live in the warm waters of the sea, they love the gathering in crowds and groups together, a small fist, big ten meters long, they are asexual, because it is floating in the ocean and animal, it is not so flexible. (commissioning editor: Yang Yang (Intern), Xiong Xu)相关的主题文章: