PK Shen Mengchen Wu Xin, who won (video) seaway

PK Shen Mengchen Wu Xin, who won? [Abstract] new oxygen app soyoung111 today, Shen Mengchen and the hot search again, this time because of this group of host dress makeup. Shen Mengchen tried on the dress is the only cause of the line to see the key? Yes, the focus of each photo is the deep, the thing, the industry, the line. Unsurprisingly, netizens scold is without mercy. Shen Mengchen has a lot of slots. The most recent one was sprayed, because on the micro-blog Po a few reporters interviewed figure. (as was originally just a piece, want to sell a female man tries not to stick at trifles, make a funny blogger?) Result! "The first is the content, do not respect fellow journalists. The last time it was sprayed, because the transfer of the Rio games, Sun Yang 400 meters freestyle silver medal after the micro-blog hair. (originally a group photo no forwarding Sun Yang micro-blog, was sprayed, the non-stop to forward) as expected, because this is a look at the basket to poke the word "win or lose", was sprayed a covered all over with cuts and bruises. Seeing the momentum right, Shen Mengchen quickly deleted seconds, again sent a micro-blog, carefully put just "win or lose" instead of "don’t cry". Feel the truth of this friend. And then the last slot, is not good clothes. Do not wear good clothes from the stem, "Mars" CIA fifth period on the play, after Joker to the absence of the program, Shen Mengchen. The appearance of the United States and the United States, wearing a red dress. Click on the play GIF 1375K later this skirt in these strange behavior, the shoulder strap down slowly. Click on the player playing GIF 1447K lens, always inadvertently finishing her skirt straps, while a little left right. Click to play GIF 1454K finally became so… Feel the effect is very good, Shen Mengchen wore a dress with different color, this time, yiyanbuge began to reveal, shoulder, arm. The magic is that the card will not fall here. Click to play GIF 500K this period even finishing action are omitted… Click to play GIF 1624K service is not satisfied. Anyway, this is not a good yiyanbuge clothes stem, until the program ending. Click to play GIF 806K [Abstract] the new oxygen app soyoung111 also has a large Hin slot, which is Shen Mengchen from face to hair to style, to smile lips are perfect in cos our baby classmates. So, do not know exactly what is going on, Shen Mengchen micro-blog will be sprayed. A wear glasses hanging plastic bags to eat watermelon seed spitting photos, spray that is to dazzle behind hermes. Wash water half micro-blog sell poor results are friends face said that residential property has already notified. (~ epsilon (# ~) of course, and miraculous P skill, the most famous is his P into big legs at the same time, the big cousin big legs P O type leg. Through the above, Miss Young friends from the Internet where the get to a new phrase: to position themselves as a woman.相关的主题文章: