Police shot black people continue to hold protests in the city of Sherlock-yvette yates

The police shot a black beauty Sherlock, people continue to hold protests – Beijing, Beijing, September 24, according to foreign media reports, Sherlock, the people of North Carolina ignored the curfew, local time on September 22nd night after the third consecutive night street demonstrations, protesting the police shooting of innocent blacks. Police let the victims of Scott’s family to see the video of the incident, but his family pointed out that after reading more questions, and asked the police to open video. According to reports, the same day, hundreds of demonstrators holding a stop killing us and other protest slogans, marched to the headquarters of the city of Sherlock police, the evening atmosphere than the first two nights calm. In 23 days after the commencement of the curfew, hundreds of protesters remained in the street, but the security forces did not enforce the curfew, just a block toward the highway traffic of people fired tear gas and rubber bullets. Sherlock Police Force announced through a social networking site, said two police were sprayed with chemicals, the need for treatment; no injuries to the public. There are many shops and building doors and windows smashed 21 days of demonstrations, some people, reporters and police were wounded, and even a 26 year old protester shot in the head, after 22 days in hospital death. The gunman is still at large. Sherlock, head of the police force, said at a press conference on the 22 day: "we want to be more active," said Putney…… We have arrested 44 people, because we will not tolerate this behavior." In order to prevent the spread of violence, mayor Sherlock Roberts announced that from the beginning of 22 time curfew from midnight to 6 pm the next day, the curfew will continue until the end, a state of emergency or impose a curfew on the official. Previously, North Carolina governor McCrory Sherlock declared a state of emergency on the evening of 21, the deployment of hundreds of National Guard and highway police, in order to increase efforts to protect the city infrastructure and enterprise. Scott, the cause of the protests and riots is the police shot and killed the black man in the afternoon of 20, Scott, Mr. Sherlock. Police said a police officer in search of an escaped prisoner met with Scott and found that Scott was shot off and felt threatened by security. Police also said the police involved in the case is black. But Scott’s family insisted that Scott was holding a book instead of a gun. Police on 22 may let Scott’s family in Bamberg, accompanied by a lawyer watching the scene of the crime video. Bamberg said that Scott was not on the side of his hands raised, did not make any threat to the police action, from the screen can not see what he took, he also called on the police to open the video, but the police have refused this request. Police chief Putney pointed out that the video confirmed the police, but he admitted that the video can not definitely prove that Scott had his gun pointing to the police. Scott has seven children. Sia, a neighbor of the tower, said: "Scott used to wait for his son’s school bus in the car on weekdays in the afternoon, and he talked to me every day.". He’s a good guy. He’s very polite." According to a report in the local newspaper, Scott used it in 2004.相关的主题文章: