Poverty alleviation funds shall not specify specific projects-kasey chase

The funds shall specify the specific project of the new network –         Beijing newspaper (reporter Li Lihui) in November 1, the Ministry of finance, the State Council Poverty Alleviation Office recently issued a notice to further strengthen the supervision and management, promote the impoverished county to co-ordinate the integration of Agriculture related funds with financial work.         notification requirements, all localities should speed up the formulation of funds to co-ordinate the integration scheme, to ensure consistent and planning projects with the county poverty alleviation needs and co-ordinate the integration of capital scale matching, connected with the Department of key tasks. The use of funds to co-ordinate the integration of poor counties plan to detailed specific, annual project put forward the construction tasks, subsidy standards, capital scale, financing, performance objectives, schedule, do operation and evaluation.         the provinces to guide the impoverished county on capital overall integration scheme, formulate specific measures to co-ordinate the integration of the use of fiscal agricultural funds, standardized management of all funds to co-ordinate the integration. In the provinces received integrated into the scope of the central fiscal agricultural funds, funds in a timely manner to the decomposition to the county, which is assigned to the impoverished county capital increase shall not be lower than the average increase of funds, funds will be taken to "cut down", shall specify the specific project or proposed has nothing to do with the poverty alleviation task requirements.相关的主题文章: