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UnCategorized Golf swing speed is talked about on the course, on the practice range, with your instructor and now in .mercials like the one Vijay Singh does for the Speed Stik. It is desired by most golfers, since most golfers equate higher swing speeds with more distance. If I lined up 100 golfers and asked them how many wanted to hit the ball farther. How many do you think would say yes? Do you think 60%? 70%? 80% I’ll bet even more than that. Improving your golf swing speed is key factor in getting those added yards! In fact, swinging at higher speeds (but in control) will always give you more distance. There is…and always will be a never-ending pursuit to hit it LONG! Golfers admire the guy who can step up to the tee and crush his drive 300 yards. At the end of a round, the stories golfers tell are usually the long drive so-and-so hit on the 14th hole. Do you agree? Golfers will pay any amount of money in hopes for an extra 10-20 yards, but the question to ask is…are they getting that extra yardage? What approach are they taking to achieve it? Are they using a golf training aid? How about a conditioning program focusing on the power muscles of the core? Or maybe some special breakfast meal they eat before they .e out to play. Either way the demand is there to do whatever it takes to hit the ball harder and with my clubhead speed. So much so…that golfers step to the tee and think that swinging as hard as they can will ac.plish this. You and I know this does not work. You’ve seen the training aids on the television promising rapid increases in your golf swing speed. In fact, some say their aids will increase your swing speed up to 10 mph! That’s huge…if that were really the case! But we know it’s not! If you were to work on your swing mechanics, golf specific strength and flexibility, and improve swing speed, you could definitely see an increase of 5-8 mph! This increase can mean anywhere from 10 to 30 yards on your drives! That’s significant! Enough to go to the 19th hole with a big ol smile on your face from ear-to-ear! The only thing to keep in mind is conistency. Pick an approach and do it regularly! I mean schedule it out and make an appointment with yourself. This is a very effective way to stick to a regiment and get the full benefit from it! I am a huge proponent to total golf training and not just one aspect. What I mean by this…is working on your body, working on your swing, and using a golf swing speed training aid. This is a wicked .bination and one that will give you the best results that will last long-term! The body, the mind and the swing is the total package. Work on these .ponents regularly and the sky is the limit! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: