Practical Step-by-step Smps

Computers-and-Technology Would you like to know how you can start power supply repairing work and would you like to learn switch mode power supplies repairing secrets? If you would like to learn from the comfort of your own home, you have come to the right place. You will use time tested techniques that work throughout the whole world. There are who people want to learn how to repair switch mode power supplies but are not sure how to do it. Or they know the basics but are struggling after hearing all the claims as to how easy it was. Jestine Yong, a professional electronic repairer, just finished putting together a home study course about switch mode power supply repair. This breakthrough course will walk you through his best strategies in solving many switch mode power supplies problems. Troubleshooting and repairing switch mode power supplies can be very confusing thing if you don’t have someone to guide you through the whole process. This course is written for those who already have some experience in electronic repair and for seasoned electronic repairers too. It is important to have the right procedure to troubleshoot and repair power supplies. It is the key to long-term success. Knowledge with no practical experience of repairs is not good at all. You must know how to repair, not just to understand the SMPS theories. Here what you will learn: You will understand how a Switch Mode Power Supplies works (the power Mosfet technology and ATX power supplies). You will know how to read the Schematic Diagram and the functions of each section in SMPS. You will understand the critical waveforms and voltages in many parts of the SMPS section thus helping you to easily diagnose the faults. You will know how to isolate problems in SMPS thus speeding up your repair. You will discover the 11 circuit functions of SMPS. You will learn the 5 methods that are used to troubleshoot and repair any type of SMPS. You will learn from the 11 important true case histories in SMPS repair that can practically help you in any SMPS repair. You will also learn from 13 carefully selected true case histories in ATX power supplies repair. Complete full color photos (about 246 photos + diagrams) to go along with the instructions. This removes all the guesswork. It doesn’t matter whether you are repairing LCD TV, Plasma TV, Monitor, DVD, VCD, CCTV, Satellite Receiver, Printers, Notebook Power Adapter, Xbox, Audio Equipment, Projector, or ATX Power Supplies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: