Prediction of lottery 3d2016263 period cold code at Sohu continued to fall

Prediction of lottery 3D2016263 period: cold code at Sohu continued falling 2016262nd lottery lottery 3D number is 659, and the value of 20 points, the size and shape of large parity form greatly, even Kiki, the span value of 4. 3D forecast number 2016263 period the new quasi: cold number: ball number on the cold code to 1 pieces, the numerical value is ten to 5, from nearly 30 out of number situation, the author’s suggestion is to continue to look forward to cold performance. Heat number: the last issue of heat number 6, according to historical data speculated that the latest phase of the heat code may be considered a temporary break. Warm state number: 262 temperature code 9 debut, missing from the number of analysis on the trend, the number of temperature concerns in the 2016263 phase of the number of 1-2. Ten difference: Ten span the period from 4 to 4, recently opened within ten poor dispersion degree is low, the need for some ten poor cold code to be vigilant. Ten bit and ten bit values: the added bits equal to 14, ten and the recent overall trend of weak regularity), the next 2016263 period should be ten and the value declined slightly to consider.相关的主题文章: