Pregnant women were pregnant in May held at the mall police broke the two people involved have been

Pregnant women were pregnant in May held at the mall: police broke the two people involved have been controlled – Beijing the evening of November 15th, a shopping center in the Wukesong occurred beaten events in pregnant women. According to Mr. Chen, the wife is pregnant in May in the shopping center basement bakery shopping, a collision on the counter at the corner with a woman. Then, the women chasing a bakery with pregnant women and pregnant women will quarrel, grabbed the neck down. After the incident, Chen offered a reward of 5000 yuan online, hoping to provide clues to the informant. Currently, two people involved have been controlled by the police. A circle of friends event man "I suspect his wife fell five months pregnant wife, the woman knew my pregnant wife also put her down, too hateful. I offer 5000 yuan as a reward, for this person’s information. Everyone help me forward." In November 16th, Mr. Chen bursts of 6 friends, hoping to find his pregnant wife the person down. It happened on the evening of November 15th. According to Mr. Chen, the day around 6:50, his wife after work to the Wukesong Zhuozhan shopping center basement bakery shopping, in the event of a physical collision counter at the corner with a woman, the woman left foot to my wife left foot, elbow hit her belly. Then my daughter-in-law took a look at her, and the woman stared at her and said, ‘what do you want me to do?’. My wife said, ‘you hit me,’ and the man said, ‘what happened to me?’." Mr. Chen said that in the course of the dialogue, his wife has been out of the bakery, but the woman and fellow man but after the shop, to continue with his wife entanglement, my wife said "I was pregnant," the man said "you are pregnant how, have a relationship with me, and then you throw lost her mobile phone, also grabbing her neck and lifted her on the floor." Mr. Chen said, the woman returned after beating the bakery to shopping, and fellow man after buying the bread away. His wife called him for help, he asked his wife to the police immediately, and took pictures of the batterer. The follow-up of pregnant women no matter but depressed for nearly half an hour after the incident, Mr. Chen, along with the police rushed to the scene, but because the batterer has already left, Mr. Chen had to go to the police and the transfer of the bakery in monitoring. Mr. Chen, a remake of the video display, met his wife with a woman at the counter in the corner bakery after (due to corner in the monitoring range of probe, can not see the two people in the corner or physical collision), his wife looked back at the woman at a glance to the bread shop around, then the woman after a dispute with the bakery. The wife and the woman argued during forced two steps back, the woman continued to close until the two face to face, then, the woman suddenly grabbed her neck and the pregnant woman fell to the ground. Pregnant women fell to the ground, the woman returned to the bakery with a man, pregnant women get up when the woman was pushed a. Beijing Youth Daily reporter in the bread shop, the day did occur in pregnant women were playing events, but because at that time coincided with the peak of shop customers more, the clerk did not notice the two dispute after birth相关的主题文章: