Premier Li Keqiang meets with Prime Minister of Kazakhstan on a regular basis – Sohu news-spyair

With Kazakhstan’s prime minister Li Keqiang held a regular meeting between the prime ministers of Kazakhstan – Sohu news news (News Network): on the same day, Li Keqiang in Astana with Kazakhstan Lisa Aliyev Kazakhstan urn held the third regular meeting of prime ministers. Li Keqiang made positive comments on the development of China Kazakhstan relations, and stressed that China is willing to "Silk Road Economic Belt" initiative and Kazakhstan "bright road" to the new economic policy docking, open up a new stage of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. The two sides hope to capacity cooperation as a carrier, tap the potential of promoting all-round mutually beneficial cooperation, promote interoperability and other major construction projects have made new achievements, to better benefit the two peoples. Sa Ginta Jef said that since the beginning of 2014, Premier Li Keqiang’s visit to Kazakhstan since the start of capacity cooperation, cooperation has achieved early harvest. Kazakhstan is willing to cooperate with China to further deepen the capacity and key areas, expand cultural exchanges, to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. After the meeting, the two prime ministers attended the Kazakhstan production cooperation project — Jianghuai Automobile Factory Cousteau tannay ceremony, the prime ministers of the two countries are video connection with the factory staff, announced the official launch of the project.相关的主题文章: