Preview eight trophies for the end of Shanghai wins Boozer needed a name-plants war

Preview: eight trophies for the end of Shanghai Boozer needed for the end of the Shanghai Guangdong winning streak Tencent sports news November 10th 2016-17 season CBA league tournament fifth round continues, 4 matches of the Shanghai men’s basketball team will usher in the Guangdong men’s basketball team’s home court challenges, following is a prospective Tencent sports for you to click into the game studio – Yi Jianlian to continue Shen Yong NBA need to start inside the twists and turns of the local name ace Yi Jianlian in the last round of the competition ushered in the outbreak, he scored a game high 42 points in 44 minutes and 29 seconds off the time, help Guangdong beat good strength of the Liaoning men’s basketball game in the face of four wheels without a defeat of the Shanghai team, Guangdong Yi Jianlian need to keep this state. The game in Guangdong and a central figure, that is has been pushed to the media "in the teeth of the storm inside a foreign aid Boozer," since Boozer joined the Guangdong games are mediocre data only 13 points and 12 rebounds before the game started, and as a result of violations of the training dress makes the team fined Boozer, if not as soon as possible to prove their abilities in the game, he may be not far from the distance. Lonely God led out local strongman challenge outside aid Frey Dieter in the limelight of the old owners to join CBA, will be the object of the game is most needed in Guangdong line marking. Nicknamed "the lonely God" Wudaite Frey in the last 4 games, averaging 38.3 points ranked the top score, tonight against the powerful Guangdong men’s basketball team, Frey Dieter will also be important for Shanghai chips continue to win the. There is a big surprise this is Guangdong old Liu Xiaoyu will challenge the old club, although this is Liu Xiaoyu has been playing for Shanghai in the second season, but played in Guangdong for 9 seasons every time he battles the old master would be a feeling heart. Guangdong road in Shanghai to win the fear of being the first defeat of the season on a round victory over the Liaoning team, the Guangdong team morale rebound this season, the newly joined the team teenager Zhao Rui impressive, Yi Jianlian also showed excellent competitive state, the team is currently the biggest risk lies in the inside foreign aid Boozer is not able to make enough contribution. The start of the season since Shanghai achieved victory record, but objectively speaking they really haven’t met the true sense of the team, will be the touchstone of the strength of the Shanghai, they are likely to eat in Guangdong before the first season defeat. (Firefly)相关的主题文章: