Psychology of love and marriage! 10 strokes make romance (Figure) 9c8996

Psychology of love and marriage! 10 strokes to create romance (Figure) lovers will learn! 10 strokes to create romance in 11, at a particular moment, send her a red rose and a plastic red rose 1. Put the plastic red rose in the middle of the bouquet and attach a card: I will love you until the last rose fades. 2, buy your girlfriend’s name domain name. Create a romantic page, so that she inadvertently found this page on the internet. 3, send your girlfriend a small mirror as a gift, in the box with a card, write in this mirror, you will see the world’s most beautiful girl look". 4. If your partner is going on a business trip, tell her you’re worried about her. You said you’d send a bodyguard to protect her and give her a teddy bear. 5, when you are looking for a girl in a book, take the book in her hands. Use a pencil to find out the three words "I", "love" and "you" in a passage. If you are reading an English book, set out the I love you each letter of the sentence. 6, prepare a piece of paper and a number of colored crayons. Take two hand in hand, cute little friends and a smile in the paper with pastel sun (the best is the children’s style, naivete) marked on your name. Drawing on the heart of the love you I. Put the picture in an envelope, put a stamp on it, send it to your girlfriend’s company 7, buy a bag of stars that shine at night, stick it on the top of your bed, and spell the "I love you" shape. When you turn off the lights at night, your confession will show. 8, send a bouquet of flowers to her company. She will not only enjoy the bouquet of flowers, but also the envious eyes of her colleagues, which will add to her pleasant feelings. 9, on the way to travel with her, collect a piece of bright and clean stone, said you will regard it as a souvenir and her travel. Then, the end of the trip to the store lettering engraved like "I love XXX" sentence, gave her. 10. In a sunny day with blue sky and white clouds, go to the suburbs. Find a grass hill, lying on the grass, looking at the clouds. Play the game, pointing to the clouds, said the cloud looked like a small sheep, the cloudy like a rabbit…… Exclusive statement: This article exclusively authorized by the Sina, without permission shall not be reproduced.相关的主题文章: