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Putin: Western of my negative attitude stems from fear of the future confidence data figure original title: Putin on the Western negative attitude: from fear of future confidence in new network on 9 October, according to Russian media reports, recently, the Russian independent television "the latest Russian sensation" column broadcast to the German eyes the Russian leader, etc.. Among them, when it comes to the West’s negative attitude towards Putin, when answering questions related to the German reporter pointed out that, "this is out of fear," said Putin." During the interview, Putin also said, "I should be what people want to see." It is understood that, with the U.S. President Obama entered the countdown, like the two parties are also engaged in the decisive battle of the white house. However, Obama into the cold peace within the United States and Russia relations have no improvement. On the contrary, because of a series of combination of boxing in Russia, the confrontation situation more severe, "new cold war" color is more obvious, Obama’s successor will inherit a bad relationship with Russia heritage. And Obama has become a "lame duck" and quickly hand over the baton is different, Putin’s position is stable, high degree of public support and are likely to seek re-election in 2018. Therefore, in order to break the U.S. – led economic sanctions and pressure of strategy in Europe construction, the recent use of multiple sets of geopolitical leverage Putin implement anti system of the United States, in order to keep the initiative in two for a long time in the game. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: