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Qianlong has come six times, you have reason not to come? Sohu – tourism to me a period of time, one yard leaning against the railing and sit, pavilions, terraces and open halls, looking at the bluestone steps, make a pot of tea free. Deep alley, a rural family white walls and black tiles, Jiangnan Town always gives me a special impression, do not have a charm. Probably because in the past few years, most of them are traveling abroad, so it is easy to have different feelings for Jiangnan Water village. About 35 friends to Mudu weekend and after walking in the ancient town of stone on the path, it make you jump out of the city impetuous themselves, let you put down a lot of tiny view, nature will use the most sincere to hug you. In her drink mountain room, Soviet style garden building, a large lotus pond with Jiangnan people are fond of bearing, should say the summer Shanghe is better, but only in the autumn to see the spectacle left Holland to listen to the rain ". Here was the palace of emperor Qian Long of Jiangnan, Ji Xiaolan, and also many times to stay here?. Mudu has its own unique charm of the Qianlong Jiangnan six times all ashore. Under Emperor Qian Long Jiangnan will play the character in the stage of lotus stem, lotus dance proud dust. Precipitation condensation in rhyme, ethereal quiet strong nightlife. Those people thought Setzer notes jump like a song. Plain bearing succinct spirit, for the spirit of mind. "Although the mountains, and Adams garden structure refined, not to let the city" "Jiangnan garden pavilion pavilion pavilion will" well-proportioned, Yan Jia garden scenery immediately attracted me. Emptying itself in these scenes, if thinking of this in a movie scene, I would probably be the most liberal world passenger. Every tree and Bush Soviet style garden of flowers and trees, a stone is carefully designed, everywhere in the south side through the atmosphere, beautiful style. The coolness of autumn gradually hit, maple leaf has gradually become red, walk the face warm autumn Mudu. Gusong Park elegant simplicity, walking in the double corridor, nearly on pines overlooking the Lingyan mountain cuise. Here because of the loose and the name, in the Ming Dynasty, root in the soil, watching the time change, will become a beautiful legend. Du Fu wrote the poem "the garden in water" is probably the scene. Here visitors are relatively small, taste quiet Qingyuan, so that the soul to find a pure land. Southern garden is fine. Special love on the roof of the brick, fine carving, true to life, often to see the kind of will let me savor for a long time. This is the disciple of Lin Zexu Feng Guifen’s former residence, the north gate house, Xu Jiang, Qian Zhai Hou structure, typical of the early Qing Dynasty Jiangnan garden style mansion. Nine tree · Xi’an humanities hotel I was a restless love always ran out of people, often see a lot of people on this trip a lot of discussion. In fact, travel in my opinion is simple, but it does not need to bear the mission is too deep, everything is arbitrary, as in this special feeling of the inn. Wish you a warm and comfortable room, wake up on twitter, in affectionately, and leaning against the railing.相关的主题文章: