Qiqihar seventy old man fainted by hospital check is 32 years ago and murder fugitive-poper

Qiqihar seventy old man fainted by hospital check is 32 years ago life murder fugitive reported in November 9th recently, Aceh Tiefeng Longhua Road Public Security Bureau police station to rescue a faint in the streets of the old man, however, rushed to hospital for the elderly, according to the old man muttered the name, the police found that he is actually made in the past 32 years the shocking murder suspects. The old man was confused to say real name check the murder suspect in October 21st 11 pm, Aceh Tiefeng Longhua Road Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm call: the area on the streets of Longhua with a seven year old man lost consciousness faint. When police arrived and found the old man has remain unconscious breathing, the police immediately rushed to the old hospital near the city of Qigihar rescue, in the hospital, the police found no documents with the old man, nor any family contact. The doctor diagnosed initially, the elderly because of cerebral hemorrhage coma. In the ICU, the old man was in a coma for two days. The old man awake after the identity of him, the old man said two names before and after slurred speech, this caused the vigilance of the police. The names of two police on the elderly were checked, the results make them be startled at the dying old man: is by the public security organs of fugitives 32 years murderer. The police immediately report the situation Bureau, bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately instructed the leadership involved in investigating the case, with the Longhua Road police station confirmed the identity of this person information. At this time, the old man surnamed fan came back, the body is still very weak. The police decided to masquerade as a family of medical staff and patients, 24 hours of close monitoring of fan. The police after contact with the Hebei police and the online comparison, confirmed the fan’s murder fled 32 years ago by the Hebei police suspects wanted. I fled from Hebei province to the siren legs trembling after interrogation, the 70 year old fan confessed to him in August 24, 1984 in Hebei Province in Xianxian County because of trivial disputes with people, armed with a knife stabbed two fellow villagers, one of whom died on the spot of crime. Fan said, although in the past many years, but the scene is still repeated in his dream, he wanted all this did not happen. When the parents, wife and son had died, his eyes stared at the ceiling for a long time, no sound. A few minutes later, the suspect fan with vague language, and simply tells the story of the past. In 1984 after the murder, he fled to Qigihar, a hospital in Qiqihar incognito to burn boiler, hidden for 32 years. In the meantime, he never dared to contact with the family, the usual language rarely, for fear of their identity exposure. Just hear the police siren, he will be flustered, the legs are can’t help began to shiver. Over the years, he struggled many times inside do not know, we wanted to end this ghostly life to action, and he lacks the courage to hide in a foreign country. In October 21st, he suffered a brain hemorrhage in the street walk, fainted on the road. After the well intentioned people and police, paramedics, wake up the fan moved in, have dizzy spells first say hidden.

齐市七旬老人昏倒被送医 一查是32年前杀人逃犯   生活报11月9日讯 近日,齐市铁锋公安分局龙华路派出所救助了一名昏倒在街上的老人,然而在将老人送往医院抢救时,根据老人喃喃说出的名字,民警竟发现他正是32年前制造震惊全县杀人案的犯罪嫌疑人。   老人迷糊中说出真名 一查竟是杀人嫌犯   10月21日11时许,齐市铁锋公安分局龙华路派出所接到报警电话:辖区龙华街道上有一位七旬老人失去意识昏倒。民警赶到时发现老人已经昏迷不醒、呼吸微弱,民警立即将老人送往附近齐齐哈尔市中医院抢救,在医院里,民警发现老人身上没有带任何证件,也没有任何家属的联系方式。经医生初步确诊,老人是因为脑出血出现昏迷。在重症监护室,老人又昏迷了整整两天。清醒后,老人对其身份吞吞吐吐,老人用含糊不清的话语前后说了两个名字,这引起民警的警觉。   民警对老人提供的两个名字进行了核对,结果令他们大吃一惊:这个奄奄一息的老人竟是被公安机关追逃32年的杀人犯。民警立即将这一情况上报分局,分局领导立即指示刑侦一大队介入调查此案,与龙华路派出所配合确认此人身份信息。   此时,自称姓范的老人苏醒后,身体还很虚弱。民警决定化装成医护人员、患者家属,24小时严密监控范某。民警经过与河北警方联系和网上比对,确认了范某就是32年前杀人潜逃被河北警方通缉的犯罪嫌疑人。   从河北逃到我省 一听警笛声腿就哆嗦   经讯问,今年70岁的范某交代了1984年8月24日他在河北省献县因琐事与人发生纠纷,持刀捅伤两名同村村民,其中一人当场死亡的犯罪事实。范某说,虽然过去了很多年,但是当天的一幕仍然多次出现在他的梦中,他很想这一切没有发生过。当得知父母、妻子和儿子都已过世时,他双眼怔怔地看着天棚,久久没再出声。   过了几分钟,嫌疑人范某用含糊不清、断断续续的语言简单讲述了当年的经过。1984年杀人后,他潜逃至齐齐哈尔,隐姓埋名在齐市某医院以烧锅炉为生,隐藏32年。在此期间,他从不敢与家人联系,平时语言也很少,生怕自己的身份暴露。只要一听到警车的鸣笛声,他就会神色慌张起来,腿脚也不由自主地开始哆嗦。多年来,他内心不知挣扎多少次,想早点结束这种幽灵般的生活,可到了行动之时,他又缺少勇气,继续在异地他乡隐藏。10月21日,他在街头遛弯突发脑出血,昏倒在路上。经过好心人和民警、医护人员的救助,醒来的范某感动不已,昏昏沉沉中,第一次说出隐藏了32年的真实名字。   “我本以为就这样隐姓埋名度过一生,没想到临终前还能落叶归根……”范某叹息道。经过院方同意,公安机关在付清医疗费后,犯罪嫌疑人范某已被移送河北警方,一桩32年前的命案积案终于有了结果。相关的主题文章: