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Medicine There is enough of information available online about the prostate cancer; but, still, you can use the list of questions below as your starting place to find out the kind of questions you can ask your doctor. And, if you want to remember what your doctor says, take a notepad or tape-recorder with you. Itll be good if you take a loved-one with you when youre going to see your doctor so you can make the most the appointment. What treatments are likely to prove the best for me and why? What treatments may not fit for me and why? What is the success rate of this particular treatment keeping my type and stage of prostate cancer in mind? What is the average length of this treatment period? Will I be able to take my other medicines during the treatment period? How long will each treatment take? Where do I have to go for the treatment? Who is involved in giving me the treatment for the prostate cancer? What will be my condition after the treatment, especially in the first few days? Does someone need to go with me during treatments? What side effects can appear due to the treatment? How long will side effects last? What can I do to ease the side effects? Are there side effects that I need to call you about? Will I be able to go to work and be around my family? We now have the best cancer treatment centers in the country; so, you wont be required to fly to some other country for the treatment. But, before you .e to deciding which of the best cancer treatment centers is best for you, there are some other factors that need your consideration. Cost of the treatment is one such factor. Now, before you say yes for the treatment in a hospital in Mohali, India, youve to familiarize yourself with the side-effects. Once youre done with the surgery and .e back home, you may experience that the side-effects are bothering you more than you thought. So, first things first, sit for a thoughtful discussion with the doctor and ask all the questions that you may have lurking at the back of your mind. Only when you all your doubts are answered clearly, you should nod for the treatment. You should also ensure that youre choosing one of the best cancer treatment centers so the success chances are greater. There can be more questions that you might like to ask your surgeon; so, take some time to think about the questions you should ask. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: