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Really can not eat crab – Anhui channel — early autumn, went to a good season to eat crabs. Originally thought to buy some snack on the Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. However, recent reports that the United States of New York Health Bureau said the Chinese stopped to eat crab, crab, crab paste chemicals, heavy metals exceed the standard, will seriously affect people’s health…… The most delicious crab crabs is not well, we can not be happy to eat crabs? As a crab lovers, I also want to know the coveted crabs what can not eat? And listen to the China Agricultural University School of food nutrition and food safety, associate professor, food science doctor Fan Zhihong how to say. The safety of a crab depends on its growing water area. If it grows in good water, the heavy metal content of crabs is negligible. But if it grows in polluted waters, it will naturally be contaminated. U.S. media reports, the waters of the New York crab contains environmental pollutants, such as dioxins, PCBs, heavy metals and so on, these pollutants are carcinogenic. Therefore, the problem of the rumors of crabs, should only refer to a polluted water in New York. At present, most of the domestic crab for artificial breeding, compared to the wild environment, artificial breeding with controllable, if the water quality, medication and other aspects of testing qualified, the crab can be assured of eating. Secondly, analysis from the biological point of view, even if the polluted waters, crab chemicals from the site is not in fact but the crab, crab gills, crab and crab liver lung not edible parts. Even if the crab is contaminated, but after all the little crab number, and people do not eat every day, so don’t panic. Overall, aquatic products, especially seafood seafood has been the environmental pollution more food categories. Therefore, although they are rich in nutrients, low in calories and will not lead to cardiovascular disease, dietary guidelines do not advocate eating more than 40 grams a day, only recommended to eat the amount of 75 grams. (commissioning editor Liu Ying and Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: