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Relationships The wedding bells, the beautiful attires, the reception dinner, the blooming relations, those heartfelt vows, and the whole charismatic atmosphere filled with blessings, love and joy is what weddings are all about. Wedding is not just a union of two people, and it is the .ing together of two families, and it is starting a new relationship. In wedding, two individuals fall in love with each other to the extent that they decide to give it a form of lifelong relation. Their life inseparable. The happiness and joy for one be.e the reason to rejoice for another. Similarly, the grief for one enables the frown on another. It is bringing together of two souls, who have decided to live like one. When there is so much love in a relation, it is indeed a matter of surprise that how does such relations break and couples divorce. And then the couples are witnessed going to marriage counselors or elderly member of the family asking how to save my marriage ? The answer to this question lies in you, your acts and your behavior And if you really want to save your marriage the first step will be to cease cribbing and finding fault in your partner. Marriage is a vehicle of love, contentment and sharing which balances on both the partner wheels. Hence, these are the points you need to remember for keeping your wedding brimming with joy, emotions, and trust: – Never take your partner for granted. It is observed that after some years of marriage the better halves stop giving surprise, cease to .plement other and sometimes even stop celebrating the special occasions. This should be avoided. Then you as a couple should also take care of the family member of your spouse just as you do for yours. The Trivedi Effect has helped in changing the perception of the couples towards each other. They have been able to experience better and more loving relationships. In accordance with the effect, the Energy Transmission from the Masters to the individuals helps to provide beneficial transformation in them. This effect was pioneered by Mr. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and has helped millions of people to optimize their lives. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: