Remember two things, let you set for a good price to sell win7codecs

Remember two things, let you set for a good price to sell we often say, "lazy investment fund investment is the artifact, but not to say that the selected fund, setting a debit date and the amount of fixed investment can never walk away treasurer, regardless of the investment accounts. If you keep your money in the bank, you need to be concerned about changes in interest rates! We diligently, diligently to buy, eventually sold for profit. In addition to the previously mentioned fund selection, not a fixed set, increase another key investment profit is: Redemption time. With the vernacular is: how to sell a good price? Once sold and sold in batches can fund investment is not just one vote in the end, we can choose a one-time sale, can also choose to sell in batches. The following case is a good explanation. Although the two customers sell different strategies, but have received a good return. The A client is scheduled to start from 2004, the monthly fixed investment 1000 yuan, one-time redemption at the end of July 2015. The B client is scheduled to start from 2004, the monthly fixed investment 1000 yuan by the end of 2009, a one-time redemption. Re start in 2010 monthly investment of 1000 yuan in July 2015, again at the end of redemption. Note: the above calculation with Shanghai as an example, from the beginning of 2004 monthly fixed investment, investment of 1000 yuan, fixed investment rate of return period (= the total market value of the total investment period) total investment, without considering the transaction cost, the measurement is not as any guarantee or investment advice, the relevant data for reference only. Visible, the selling strategy does not have a universal rules, in fact, different investment masters have different strategies. For example, Warren Buffett generally do not sell, he will always hold, until he thinks prices overvalued or underlying performance continued to decline to sell. Peter Lynch is more active in the sale, that is to buy in order to sell, often with a profit to re sell the re investment. As a result, a one-time sale and batch sales are available. Never sell review Shanghai trend at the highest point, one might say, in 2007 October when the harvest is so rich, it was time to sell. Little friends understand, for every N years to vote, we think at the highest point of redemption, is It’s only human. But selling at the top is the most difficult to meet. The market has its operating rules, there is no decline in the end, there is no less than the end of the rise. So we don’t have to sell at the top. If the fixed investment rate of return or final total assets to their original investment targets, such as the return rate of 20%, if you think the investment profit more than this point, can be sold, which will become reality in the digital collection (gold) Yi (money). In particular, once the bull to bear, you can consider the full redemption, do not have to tangle without redemption at the highest point. But the vote is not recommended to sell early. Save money money into investment is small, do not just look at the one or two year period, the number of the longer, more capital investment, more likely to accumulate a considerable amount of wealth. If the investment period is short, for example, only voted for two or three years, even if the rate of return to double, the total amount is not large, this time redemption, meaning is not large. To do a primary school math problem: 1000.相关的主题文章: