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The residents of water supply pipeline maintenance to close Water Leakage water – Beijing – Community reporter Bian Seishi Zambrotta yesterday, who lives in South Eastern qualipac residents Mr. Jia (pseudonym) call the newspaper to reflect the water supply pipeline Water Leakage unit door, flooded the basement property that residents burden of maintenance costs, but also have to pay 100 yuan fee. Property said, because the idea of replacing the new pipeline will not repair the old pipe, if you want to repair costs need to be borne by the residents, the water is because the pump will start and shut down costs. According to the South Eastern residents Jane Liang Jia said, he lived in building 17, unit 1, 20 days ago, there are residents of the building were found in front of a unit of water, there are bubbles up to take "bubbling". Because at the time of the water is mainly concentrated in the vicinity of a building around the heating pipe, at first residents thought it was heating pipes running water, and quickly to the heating company called for help. "The staff of people dug a look, not the heating pipe, water supply pipe leakage but have chlamydia." Mr. Jia said that in order to avoid the water is all over the floor, the residents will be out of the water not far away from a sewage well. Mr. Jia told reporters that although the front of the unit and not much water, but not long after the water began to flow to the basement, "our basement was a seedling, when most water I once made seven or eight barrels of water." Due to the use of the area is owned wells, residents will find the property company to solve the problem, so that everyone is very depressed, the other told residents to pay their own maintenance. Mr. Jia said that the residents originally thought ten households each also not much money, can accept to repair the proposal, but the proposed next property requirements are very puzzled: "so we need to repair the property will be up, but they also received 100 yuan of water." Mr. Jia told reporters, now the residents are not satisfied with the property received the 100 yuan off water, two is also not easy to find someone to repair, repair bad property that once will run out for something, so only to let the water flow away in vain. "Is a waste of water, damp basement, I also worry about water into a crack in the wall to floor bubble, the impact on the building structure." Jia said. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted the property manager, South Eastern District qualipac he said, the old district water supply network for years has been a long time, serious corrosion, even after maintenance will still appear leakage, therefore the property to access the new network, but because the new pipe need to install the card table, meter households, to charge a the cost, the residents do not agree with. He said that residents have been told, no longer on the old pipe network maintenance, if you do not replace the new pipe network by the residents to pay for their own maintenance, maintenance needs to shut down the water, and the pump is a need to start a close again. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the camp office, a staff member said the problem will be reflected to the relevant departments as soon as possible.相关的主题文章: