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Web-Design Responsive Website Design is talk of the town these days. Everyone is talking about it, so what is this hullabaloo about? What is so important about ‘Responsive Website Design’ that people can’t keep it out of any website development related conversation? Let’s try answer the big question ourselves. Do people access internet only on personal .puters, notebooks, Iphone, Ipad or tablets? You know the answer, people access the internet through all of these. The last decade is better termed as the decade of technological revolution. 15 years ago, we did not know that we will see people doing more than just talking and texting over the phone. Nowadays, you not only talk to your friends on your mobile phone, but also use tablet, notebook or I phones to stay connected to your friends via social networking sites and make payments on the go as well. Technology has be.e flexible to the core to allow you do whatever you want, wherever you want. Now you can read E-books while you are travelling. It has been amazing so far and it all feels so good as it has eliminated most of the challenges from users’ and developers point of view. Really? Yes, that’s right. Given the fact that so many people surfing the inter. on the go, website owners realised the need of creating mobile friendly websites, but then creating a dedicated website for each device type was impossible and duplicate content would have got them into trouble. What now? This is where Responsive Website Design (RWD) emerged. So it leads to some more questions- What is Responsive Website Design? What are the advantages of it? How important it is in web development? As you would have understood by now, RWD is a way of web development that enables users to view the same website on various devices without unnecessary scrolling or panning; hence giving them a pleasant viewing experience. Advantages of Responsive Website Design- 1.Pleasant Viewing Experience. It gives a pleasant viewing experience to users, hence increasing the number of returning visitors that also means increased sales. Users would never return to a website that gave them a terrible experience. 2.Increased content reach It also increases content reach as users would love to share the website and its content on social .working platforms which is again good for your business. 3.Easy content management It is relatively easier to manage and publish content at once rather than doing it for 4 different websites meant for various devices. 4.Fast and user friendly website Mobile friendly websites take less time to load and are user friendly. As aforementioned, it results in better viewing experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: