Returnees man on the streets to sell marijuana was arrested after the police questioned the anti lol cagliari exchange

Returnees man on the streets to sell marijuana was arrested after the police questioned the lollipop anti original title: online shopping street selling marijuana lollipops Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Jingya) Man Wang in the online sale of "magic lollipop" report users. The police found to contain cannabis sold lollipops in man. In addition, he also found in the home of marijuana containing tobacco. According to him, these are purchased from foreign websites, and then sold at high prices in the country. At present, Wang has been west police criminal detention. The day before, Xicheng police received reports from the public, in the vicinity of Xinjiekou there is a man wearing glasses to sell "magic lollipop" in the streets, and said that this sugar will have a "magic" feeling. Police rushed to the scene to bring the police man asked. The police found a green lollipop in the men’s pocket, painting the wrappers above the packaging pattern of marijuana. Beijing morning news reporters from the scene to see the video, lollipop packaging without any Chinese mark. Man has been asked in the car after the police themselves made what more shouting let the police give him uranalysis. When the police asked the man what is the sale of lollipop, the man said just ordinary sugar. In order to attract customers only after eating will have a different feeling. "I really don’t take drugs, you can check me out." The man said. The police followed the man back to the residence, in the police interrogation, the man said he spent most of the cigarette paper and lollipops sold on the Internet sea amoy. After inspection, police found the man who sold the cigarette paper and lollipops contain cannabis. The man explained that his 30 year old, is a returnees, 2003 exposed to marijuana, after returning home found can be sold for profit through the Internet to buy these things with marijuana, they purchased a marijuana cigarette paper and marijuana lollipops. He said he did not know it was illegal. At present, Wang man convicted of drug trafficking was west police criminal detention. Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: