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Review "girl" cast: Honda Tsubasaaoki noble Bentianyi append the new data figure Aoki lofty data for Sina entertainment according to Japanese media reports Modelpress, launched in October, Japanese actress Satomi Ishihara starred in "simple and wonderful drama of taiwan! Reviewal girl Kawano Etsuko "announced an additional list of actors, Honda Tsubasa, and Kishitani Goro Aoki lofty lineup assembly. Plain and amazing! Review girl Kawano Etsuko "according to Miyagi Ayako series of the same name novel, Satomi Ishihara plays the protagonist Yue son in order to become a fashion magazine editor into the press, but was assigned to the Department for manuscript review laotu, mistakes and doubts, but she didn’t accept the boring work, wearing a gorgeous fashion suit to see the writer to interview and strive to ensure the authenticity of works only. Before the show has announced the popular actor Kanda Masa, this time also announced more lineup, Honda Tsubasa, Kaga Takeshi, Taguchi Hiromasa, Masato Wada, Aoki lofty and Kishitani Goro will participate in the performance. Bentianyi plays Yue son high school juniors, where the agency view fashion magazine "Lassy" editor Morio Toyoko, she said: "this time I played is a fashion magazine editor, as a model work I can use some experience, look forward to this opportunity. Satomi Ishihara, Kanda Masa, noble and Kishitani Goro, and so on, these actors are my first cooperation, they are very strong, I have more pressure. I hope I can grow up through the role of sen." Taguchi Hiroshi is acting as the Yue son downstairs restaurant man ODA general Kaga Takeshi as representative of the town of mystery writers masterpiece, Aoki Takashita’s literary editor of the popular editor Betsuka Yaro, and other actors Zulilihua, Ise Jiashi, Soda Mari River, Sugino Harukaryo and Miyoko Yoshimoto etc.. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: