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Rise knowledge "high temperature porcelain" is where sacred? ? high temperature porcelain refers to 1200 degrees above the firing of porcelain. Because of the higher temperature glaze crystal density is bigger, porcelain surface, high strength, not easy to scratch, the color "white" in white and not yellow, "white jade" reputation. Compared with low temperature porcelain, the difference between the two is as follows:, temperature: high temperature porcelain firing temperature of more than 1200 degrees; medium temperature porcelain firing temperature in 1000-1150 degrees; low temperature porcelain firing temperature in 700-900 degrees. 2, color: high temperature porcelain color more full, delicate, crystal; low temperature porcelain is the color of wood lag. 3, handle: high temperature porcelain smooth, delicate, medium and low temperature porcelain slightly rough. ? 4, sound: high temperature porcelain relatively clear; low temperature porcelain is relatively low. 5, texture: high hardness of the high temperature porcelain; low temperature porcelain more fragile. 6, water absorption: high temperature ceramic and low temperature porcelain is the most obvious difference between water absorption rate. High water absorption rate of water absorption in low temperature ceramics, high temperature ceramics rate of less than 0.2%, easy to clean products will not absorb the smell, not glaze cracking and local Water Leakage phenomenon. Water medium and low temperature ceramic rate is much higher than the standard and easily into the sewage, smell is not easy to clean will stink, a long time will crack and Water Leakage phenomenon. (porcelain)?? low temperature porcelain altar if the long time does not carry items, porcelain itself dry brittle, save to the attention of the time, the best thing is to put some grease moisture. But the high temperature porcelain is fired by more than 1300 degrees, the higher the temperature is, the higher the crystal density of the glaze is, the higher the strength of the porcelain surface is, and the more difficult it will be to produce scratches. High temperature porcelain can also be high temperature firing processing, but can not withstand high temperature porcelain firing. Listen to the sound can be a simple distinction, the time of beating, the degree of high temperature porcelain, sound clear, low temperature porcelain is relatively low. But it is still to see the size of water absorption, high temperature sintering of ceramic water absorption is small. High temperature porcelain requires more strict production process, the ordinary kiln mouth is difficult to maintain a stable temperature of the fixed temperature. From the texture analysis, the hardness of high temperature porcelain is more solid, low temperature porcelain more fragile. From the color point of view, high temperature porcelain color more full, delicate, bright, cold porcelain color is relatively simple, more solid. Enough high temperature can make the material fully porcelain, porcelain in high temperature so the density strength, wear resistance and glaze have better performance.相关的主题文章: