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RMB RMB westward to explore the Silk Road Economic Zone is feasible? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! RMB westward to the west, the west. By taking the SDR into the East, a new path of internationalization of the RMB is getting wider and wider. RMB internationalization of the East and south route known to the public. Today, the west route is thriving. The smooth progress of the internationalization of RMB and the implementation of the strategic concept of the Silk Road Economic Zone are inseparable. The strategy of "Five" principles, including "financing", which objectively for the internationalization of the RMB to create a financing carrier of international division of labor, environment and market conditions. In fact, the realistic choice of West Road also market. It is understood that the people’s Bank of China in the Kashi special economic zone and the Huoerguosi cooperation center of cross-border RMB innovation pilot were earlier than the Shanghai free trade zone. Accompanied by a stronger dollar and energy prices low, Central Asian countries are faced with the dollar outflow and liquidity shortage problem, it also created opportunities for RMB westward. The reporter Gao Xiang, editor Yan Jian Chen Yu reached RMB along the silk road going out of a deal, often behind many policies and complete market environment. A few loan business near Xinjiang Huadian Kashi thermoelectric limited liability company before, can become a microcosm of the westward boom observation of rmb. Xinjiang Huadian Kashi Thermal Power Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China Huadian Corporation, established in August 2011, is now the core of power supply in Kashi area. Earlier this year, the company applied to the Construction Bank of China Kashi branch of a cross-border RMB loan business. While the business in accordance with the policy of the source, in December last year, 18 of the people’s Bank of China agreed to by the people’s Bank of Urumqi Center branch formulated "Xinjiang Kashi Economic Development Zone, Huoerguosi cross-border RMB loan business pilot Interim Measures". People’s Bank of China Kashi District branch of the central bank governor Wang Xiaodong Zhengbao reporter said: the gold content of this policy, first reflected in the ‘borrow’. Kashi Economic Development Zone enterprises can be borrowed from offshore RMB funds, that is to say not only allow enterprises in the area from the overseas financial institutions of RMB funds borrowed, also allowed to borrow overseas enterprises and even individual investors." Wang Xiaodong said, from the purpose, the merits of this policy is used not only in the region between the production and operation of enterprises and construction projects in the region and non resident cross-border transactions, but also can be used to support the four southern states of economic development entities. This is different from Qianhai and Shanghai FTA cross-border RMB business innovation policy. In February 23rd, the Kashi branch of China Construction Bank to the Xinjiang Huadian Kashi thermoelectric limited liability company issued 100 million yuan cross-border RMB loan. At the beginning of July, Kashi thermal power and to apply for 100 million yuan cross-border RMB loan, in July 15th successfully issued. It is worth noting that these two sources of funds is the two branch of China Construction Bank Huoerguosi. Kashi is located in southern Xinjiang, on相关的主题文章: