Romantic die Yan Ni Tong dispensers to teach Du Chun to show class – Liaoning Channel –

"Romantic" die Yan Ni Tong dispensers to teach Du Chun to "show class" – Liaoning Channel – original title: "romantic" Yan Ni Tong dispensers die to teach Du Chun to "show class" written by Cheng Er Ge You, director, Zhang Ziyi, Asano Chunobu, Du Chun, Zhong Xintong, Ni Dahong, Zhao Baogang, Yuan Quan, Yan Ni, Han Geng, Huo Siyan, Du Jiang, Wang Zhuanjun, Zhong Hanliang, Ma Xiaowei, Lv Hang starred in the movie "romantic history" will be released in December 23rd. Today a new feature film exposure fragments, Tong dispensers Yan Ni played a "show class" to Du Chun, this is the last year the first trailer after the demise of "romantic history" 500 days apart, again released blockbuster video, officially launched that propaganda, launched an attack on the Lunar New Year stalls. Fragments, Yan Ni’s mother Wang Du Chun’s driver started teaching, the course in Shanghai confessed "meet etiquette", and Du Chun had no lines but modest listening has a calm, curious what is the relationship between two people, and let them pay so much attention to the meeting will be one object. "Look a little less, not too high, nor too low, eyes don’t move, but do not appear dull, vivid……" The words of Yan Ni contains a standing posture, facial expression, eye contact, bearing many aspects in detail, with the Shanghai movie in the Republic of China Gang background, people can not help but speculate this seemingly ordinary dialogue, whether there is some mystery. Interestingly, with the last sentence "it was like acting" compared to the previous one Trailer Zhang Ziyi in Shanghai dialect "director, how I died, Dutch act it or others to kill?" Yan Ni and Yuan Quan "on this film is for people to see the next century." the lines, seems to be the director deliberately, with a notice before the stars announced the lineup, put forward acting problems, through the "king of Yan Ni mom teach you tell the audience the importance of acting. No wonder it’s little friends shouted to the driver Wang Ma single "performance class," the shopkeeper Tong tune well ", and have" good "propaganda to Yan Ni! This is not" romantic "die first released last year in the first positive fragment, pre trailer exposure on the eve of the movie it had a" big foot than "fragment, so that everyone on Du Jiang and Wang Zhuanjun’s humor skill impressed. This "positive fragment + Trailer" romantic release rhythm, also let the separated by 500 days after the show class "new fragment again tempt the appetite, have to guess whether there will be heavy notice immediately, the audience full of expectation. (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety)

《罗曼蒂克消亡史》佟掌柜闫妮教杜淳“表演课”–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:《罗曼蒂克消亡史》佟掌柜闫妮教杜淳“表演课”   由程耳编剧导演,葛优、章子怡、浅野忠信、杜淳、钟欣潼、倪大红、赵宝刚、袁泉、闫妮、韩庚、霍思燕、杜江、王传君、钟汉良、马晓伟、吕行等主演的电影《罗曼蒂克消亡史》将于12月23日上映。今日电影曝光一支最新正片片段,“佟掌柜”闫妮给杜淳上起了“表演课”,这也是继去年首支预告片后,《罗曼蒂克消亡史》相隔500天再次发布的重磅视频,预示宣传阵势的正式展开,向贺岁档发起猛攻。   片段中,闫妮饰演的王妈对杜淳饰演的车夫展开谆谆教导,全程用上海话交待“见面礼仪”,而杜淳虽无一句台词却在谦虚聆听中自有一番淡定从容,令人好奇两人究竟是什么关系,以及让他们如此重视的会面对象将是何人。“表情少一点,不要看得太高,也不要看得太低,眼睛不要乱动,但是也不要显得呆板,要生动……”闫妮这段话包含了站姿、表情、眼神、气度多个方面的细节,配合整部电影民国时期上海滩的黑帮背景,让人不禁猜测这段看似平常的对白中,是否暗藏了某些玄机。   有意思的是,拿最后一句“就好像是演戏”来对比前一支预告片里章子怡用上海方言讲的“导演,我是怎么死的,自杀呢还是别人杀的?”以及闫妮袁泉关于“这电影是拍给下个世纪的人看的”台词,似乎是导演有意而为之,先用前一支预告揭晓群星阵容,提出演戏的问题,再通过“王妈”闫妮来教大家演戏,告诉观众表演的重要性。怪不得不少网友大呼这简直是王妈为车夫单开的“表演小课堂”,“佟掌柜调教得好”,并纷纷向闫妮喊话“求补课”!   其实这并不是《罗曼蒂克消亡史》第一次发布正片片段,在去年首支预告片曝光前夕,电影就曾发过一支“比脚大”片段,让大家对杜江、王传君的幽默功力印象深刻。而这种“正片片段+预告片”的罗曼蒂克发布节奏,也让相隔500天后的这支“表演课”新片段再次吊足胃口,纷纷猜测是否将有重磅预告马上出现,令观众充满期待。 (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章: